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Incoming Exchange Students

Study in one of the most fascinating regions in Germany at the centre of Europe and choose from a compelling range of degree programmes. We offer you the opportunity to apply all that you have learned during your practical training at FHWS and to expand your knowledge. For over 25 years now, FHWS has maintained intensive partnerships with higher education institutions in 40 different countries. The more than 75 international exchange students whom we welcome every semester ensure an international atmosphere and unforgettable moments.

The following pages contain information on our degree programmes and how to apply to study at FHWS as an exchange student as well as on study formalities and finances, our support programme, and language courses.

There are countless good reasons to study as an exchange student at FHWS and our locations in Würzburg and Schweinfurt:

Why Würzburg and Schweinfurt?

  • A compelling blend of culture and industry
  • Life in the heart of Germany, at the centre of Europe
  • Student cities exuding international flair


  • Approx. 500 international students
  • Practice-oriented lectures in German and English
  • Outstanding reputation and a member of international networks
  • Buddy programme for international students

Covid-19 FAQ

Most of the lectures will also take place online in the winter semester 2020/2021. Which courses will be held online or in physical presence, will be communicated by your faculty.

The Orientation programme for exchange and full-time international students will take place in September and will be mostly online. Please have a look at the detailed schedules below. The attendance at the orientation programme is complusory for exchange and first semester full-time students.

Orientation programme exchange- and full-time students Würzburg

Orientation programme exchange students Schweinfurt

Orientation programme full-time students Schweinfurt

In our cloud we uploaded a video about health insurance, enrolment and travelling to Germany. Here you will also find an information video about legal issues and housing and an intercultural training about Germany.

Online enrolment will be possible. We will inform new students in due time about the enrolment procedure.

On our website for freshman we put together all necessary information for your start ar FHWS.

You will need a German health insurance for the enrolment. We will provide you in due time with information about how to take out a health insurance on the internet. Please note that in case you will not be able to arrive in time for the semester start, you will have to pay the health insurance contribution fee for the whole semester.

This will depend on the examination format. Written exams will require physical attendance, which means that you will have to travel to Germany to take the exam. If your lecturer offers alternative forms of examination, digital exams might be possible. Please get in touch with your lecturer at the earliest possible stage.

The Federal Ministry of Health agreed on the following regulations for persons entering Germany in connection with the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2:

"By reason of provisions issued by the federal states (Laender), persons entering the Federal Republic of Germany by land, sea or air from any country or region outside of the Federal Republic of Germany and who have spent time in a risk area, at any time within the 14 days prior to entering Germany and/or are coming from a Non-EU country are in principle required to proceed directly to their own home, or other suitable accommodation, immediately after their arrival and remain there exclusively for a period of 14 days after their entry into the country (‘quarantine’). 

You will find more information to the regulations here.


Please note that for the moment there is a requirement in Germany to wear a mask in indoor places like trains, shops pharmacy etc.

After arrival in Germany

1. You have to send an email to Gesundheitsschutz at FHWS:

2. With your arrival you also have to contact also your local health department (“Gesundheitsamt”) (in Schweinfurt: 09721 55745, in Würzburg: 0931 80030).

Exceptions from home quarantine

There is a possibilty to avoid the 14 days quaranine of you have a negative Corona test.

The Corona test should be done not ealier than 48 hours before your travel to Germany. It means one or two days before your flight. Not earlier.


There is also a possibilty to do a test at the airport in Frankfurt.

After arrival to Schweinfurt

After arrival you should go straight home and you should contact the local health authority and send them the two proofs by email to:

Then you should call the authority: 09721 55745 in Schweinfurt

After arrival to Würzburg

After arrival you should go straight home and you should contact the local health authority by sending them the two proofs by email to: reiserueckkehrer[at] .

Phone number of the local health authority in Würzburg is 0931 80035100. 

Only the local health authority can decide on the base of your documents if you should stay in quarantine or not. The email to the local health authority should contain in addition the following data: your name, address, phone number, country of origin, land that you travel from and the day of arrival to Germany.

Test possibility

1. Corona test from the following countries are accepted (documents should be issued in German or English):

2. There is also an option to do the Corona test at the airport in Frankfurt.

3. The third option ist to do the Corona test in Germany at the general practitioner. For this, you have to ask the local health authority for a special permission („Ausnahmegenehmigung“), then make an appointment with the doctor and then take the test and get the medical report. We advise you against this option because you have to find a general practitioner after your arrival to take the corona test and it could take some time to get an appointment. We therefore advise you to take the test in your home country or at the airport in Germany. 

Please read the terms and conditions of the rental contract carefully and observe the termination deadline.

Please be aware of the fact that once you have signed the contract and sent it back to the Studentenwerk or other student residences, you can cancel the rental contract only within the next 14 days. After this time you are bound by the contract, which means that you have to pay the rent and that you cannot withdraw from it even if e.g. come to Germany late in September or if your visa application was rejected.

The contract regulations allow you to cancel due visa rejection but if the student residence does not find a new tenant, you are bound by the contract until the end of the contract. That is why it is important to read the terms and conditions carefully before you sign a rental contract. You can find a sample of the rental contract in English on the following link:

Please note: The rental contracts of the Studentenwerk are temporary contracts. These fixed-term rental contracts of the Studentenwerk can be terminated in writing with a two months' notice before the following deadlines: 31.03. or 30.09. for student residences in Würzburg 28./29.02. or 31.08. for student residences in Schweinfurt 

Please read the terms and conditions of the rental contract carefully. It will probably not be possible to withdraw from the contract without any financial loss. Please check whether it is possible to take out an insurance before you leave your home country, which will cover the financial expenses that may incur in connection with the termination of your stay in Germany (including return travel costs, etc.).