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Report November - Business and Engineering

Fri, 24 Nov 2017 | Bachelor's degree programme Business and Engineering

As the days pass by, one gets more and more comfortable and used to by living in Schweinfurt, but if I would have to describe this month ambience specifically, I would say that the city and the university feels more international than ever.

Classrooms, streets, shops, everything more crowded! You can feel that all students arrived and settled down for good. It is almost impossible not to walk around and find a classmate and stay for ten minutes talking about life. The FHWS did a great job gathering people from all over the glove, it’s amazing being surrounded and be sharing with people of so many nationalities. Sometimes is difficult to understand others accent, or beliefs and behaviors, but at the end that is what makes us realize about the diversity, and opens and enriches our mind.

Something else I noticed is that as time goes, people naturally start bounding and making groups for hanging out and studying. I’m happy to say that I encountered amazing people who shares same interests as me. Passionate for cooking, traveling and with an entrepreneur spirit for developing, creating and succeeding in life, that motivates me to go further every day. I strongly recommend taking your time to find the right people to be with… go out, party, cook together, teach about your culture, make a study group, soon you’ll find yourself with a family far away from home, and the daily day and discovering Germany with friends will feel so much sweeter and memorable than alone.  

Besides the social, another important and interesting point for students, is a student job. Thanks to colleagues I was able to find a job as a cook in a bistro, nearby the city center. The employers know the difficulty of being a student and working at the same time, so luckily, they are very open and flexible with the schedules and the working hours.

I believe that besides your income, it is very beneficial to be able to have a job; it is a great chance to get to know how are the working rules in Germany, and what it feels like to work with Germans. It is a great way to escape the university bubble and to make relationships with the locals, and is unbelievable how useful it is for improving the German language. Not to mention the extra little income that comes always handy. 

From my experience I recommend being always open to every opportunity. Do not be ashamed of doing some nonsense job not related to your career, there is always something new to learn. For interested ones, check on the web and on the student board, talk with classmates and with the university staff or go yourself to shops you like and introduced yourself and ask for vacancies. The Germans appreciate self-initiative and motivation and once already working, besides your age or personality they’ll expect responsibility and commitment to get things goodly done.   

To conclude, I agree that this month was mostly dedicated to my job, the German language and the social life. But fearing the proximity of the coming finals, I’ll have to do my best to find a stable point of dealing with the studies and all of the rest of the student life.