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Report January - Logistics

Tue, 23 Jan 2018 | Bachelor's degree programme Logistics

Hi all!

The last time I told you how to find a job in Germany and how hard is it to correlate it to study schedule. Unfortunately, I had to put my work on the back burner at the end of Christmas holidays, while the exams seemed to be an avoidless pile of obstacles and duties. There was so much to be done like recalling all the learning material which I did not get around to learn during the semester. In short, January promised to be deadly. I thought that exam preparations in Germany have little difference comparing to those ones in Ukraine: sitting at home and memorizing scripts and lecture notes around the clock trying to understand at least something of that material given by professors, when all the text in front of your eyes becomes just a blurred random set of symbols. But one day my friends called me to study together in a library. Well, I would never have thought that it can be so enjoyable there. You see, there are some special conference rooms up to five persons fitted up with desk lamps, sockets for gadgets and, what is most important, huge flipcharts. Moreover, that rooms turned out to be well noise proofed, so that you can easily dispute and discuss all your problems and tasks with friends without being afraid to interrupt other students.

You would probably say: “Why should we go to the library if we can just stay at home or come together with friends just in the main hall of the University?” Obviously, it’s not a secret that preparation for the exams is a hard work, but when you do it at home something always distracts you: a new episode of your favorite TV show or friends calling to play some computer games. From time to time you just clean your flat, grasping at straws or roam around looking for some food etc. Briefly, doing everything to not to get back to study. And here comes an advantage of the library! When you sit there nothing can distract you, so it is way easier to concentrate on your study.