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Bachelorstudiengang Mechatronics

Report October - Mechatronics

Tue, 31 Oct 2017 | Bachelor's degree programme Mechatronics

First month passed so quickly while we were trying to adapt ourselves to the city Schweinfurt. Considering that this is the first time I am away from my homeland and family this long, life has changed a lot for me, but Schweinfurt is not a city, which is hard to fit in. Local people are so friendly which make things way more easier, and also there are many outlanders that creates a international atmosphere.

New life brought new responsibilities and I spent my first month with getting familiar and dealing with these duties. The most struggling one for me were the legal issues because I was not eighteen yet, but with the help of our Universities student services we overcome those problems.

One the other hand, our lectures were going well. Speaking as a mechatronics student, our classes are very active and efficient. Also professors are helpful, and patient with us in learning process. I have classes every weekday but it is still possible to spare time for activities and enjoying the city.

About outdoor activities, there are many sport events organised by students every week which everyone can participate, for example, five on five basketball matches. Also there are many beautiful forests, which are perfect for bike trips. When it comes to nightlife, Schweinfurt and cities round here are active and exciting. Traveling around is easy and costs are acceptable for students. In the end of the month, there were parties everywhere for Halloween during which we had a great time.

Generally, these were the things I experienced and observed in the first thirty days, but there is furthermore in Schweinfurt to live and enjoy.