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Report November - Mechatronics

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 | Bachelor's degree programme Mechatronics

Another month left behind which made us feel a little more familiar with our new home Schweinfurt. November passed quite hard for me because of traveling a lot for the bank issues and also getting used to Germany's weather. Schweinfurt is getting cold and cold that we are waiting for the snow in the beginning of December.

Christmas holiday is coming and we are looking forward to taking a break. Some of us are going to visit their home country but I choose to stay and study for the upcoming exams, then I'm planning to spend the New Year's Eve in a big city. Talking about the lectures, lab classes started for the Mechatronic students, which I really enjoy. Besides, I am also taking German classes, which are given by the university.

During studies, our university arranges many tours and activities such as a two days trip to Berlin, which was an amazing journey for us. It was my first time in Berlin. The city was so fascinating, even with the Christmas decorations I felt myself in a movie scene. Visiting the East Side Galery, Checkpoint Charlie and the Museum Island were unforgettable experiences; knowing that the places I've been were only a glimpse of Berlin, makes me even more excited for the next visit.

Also some of my friends are preparing for the event called "i-Campus Day" on 7th of December which, many people will participate in and introduce their national food with 10+ other countries to the other students. It will be a feast!

Hope next month will bring more and more stories to tell. These were my general experiences about Schweinfurt and FHWS, can’t wait for new ones!