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Report January - Mechatronics

Sun, 14 Jan 2018 | Bachelor's degree programme Mechatronics

First month of 2018 left behind while we are getting closer to the end of 17/18 winter semester in FHWS. First weeks spent with focusing on the last lectures before the upcoming exams, because final topics were been taught for our tests.  I would be responsible of one Skills Assesment for Computing, and one written exam for each of my subjects: Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering, Physics, Engineering Mathematics and Mechanical Design.

Meanwhile my studies, I was struggling with some passport and housing issues which I would have deal with before I go for the semester holiday. One of the problems was, my passport expiring date was coming closer so on I must had replace it with a new one, which was solved in ten days by applying to my countries consulate in Nürnberg. The other issue was finding a new flat, because my current contract was coming to it´s end with the end of February. That problem solved by our dormitory with offering us another flat for the next semesters.
Study period was kindly tough for us students but the key for the success was being organized and disciplined so giving up was not an option. Our first exam, was with the end of the lectures and after that we had nothing but free time for preparing the exams. My first and only exam in January was Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering which I found as the most difficult subject for me.

Another happening in January was that I got my residence permit after 5 months.  With this permit, I will be able to enter Germany without visa during it´s validity period. Which is a great news for me not dealing with visa issues again for my study. It was a tiring month with all it´s struggle. I am looking forward to ending this term with satisfying exam results and hope that the following month would be more relaxing than this one.