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A Blended Intensive Program, or BIP for short, is an innovative new teaching format in which university courses are organized by lecturers from several universities. Students from all participating universities learn together in the digital space, as well as intensively during a week of attendance at one of the partner universities. The program is financed by Erasmus funds, i.e. by the European Union. The small personal contribution for students creates low-threshold access. Since the language of instruction is English, a certain level of language proficiency is required, but experience has proven that this is easily met by students who have had several years of English lessons at school. In a BIP, transnational teaching and short-term mobilities are made easily accessible and available to all students. Students can receive credit for the course at their respective universities for their own studies and are also provided with a certificate of attendance from the partner university. Furthermore, a BIP offers students the opportunity to experience a stay abroad during their studies without spending an entire semester abroad. It is therefore also a great way for students who cannot do a semester abroad for various reasons to gain international study experience.

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From students for students

You want to know if a BIP participation would be interesting for you? Then take a look at what other students who participated in the last BIP in Helsinki said about it. It will for sure help you with your decision!

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From lecturers for lecturers

Are you thinking about participating in a BIP as a lecturer? Take a look at your colleagues' impressions of the last BIP in Helsinki to get an idea. This will help you to decide whether a BIP participation would be beneficial for you.

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