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To register for the Intercultural Certificate, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Registration Intercultural Certificate
  2. Registration for individual modules

Of course you can just register for individual modules which you are particularly interested in. Please note that, depending on the choice of modules, you might not be issued the Basic Intercultural Certificate or Intercultural Certificate+.

In order to attain a certificate, the given Module requirements for the Intercultural Certificate must be adhered to.

After successful registration, every participant will receive a stamping booklet in which participation in the mandatory modules is attested. Bring the stamp booklet with you to the event and receive the desired stamp. You can alternatively also receive the stamp from HSIN . For this proof of participation in the respective module is required.

You can collect the stamping booklet from HSIN :

Tiepolostr. 6
97070 Würzburg

Room T.0.03


Upon submission of the full stamp booklet, your Basic Intercultural Certificate or Intercultural Certificate+ will be issued.

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Please note:

The registration for Module 1: Language Proficiency is done via the e-Learning platform.

The registration for Module 3: International Experience (stay abroad) is done via the staff mobility website.