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Options to go abroad

The following pages contain important information that may be useful when you are planning and organising your time abroad. You will also find information to help you determine the best way to spend time abroad.

These questions may help you with your planning:

  • What would be the best time for me to go abroad during my degree programme?
  • How long do I want to go for?
  • Do I want to study or would I prefer to complete an internship?
  • Which countries would suit me best?
  • Which higher education institutions offer the best options?
  • What budget is available to me for my time abroad?
  • Am I sufficiently proficient in the national/teaching/working language(s)?

And in case you are still not making any progress: each faculty has an International Affairs Officer who is in contact with different higher education institutions and will be able to advise you. The FHWS International team is also on hand in both Würzburg and Schweinfurt to answer any questions you may have about your personal journey to spending time abroad.

Erasmus+ Student Charter

...highlights your rights and obligations and tells you what you can expect from your sending and receiving organisations at each step of your Erasmus+ experience.

Erasmus+ Student Charter

Covid-19 FAQ

Some partner institutions have already cancelled all exchange mobility for the winter semester 2020/21 whereas others have not decided yet. If you have been nominated at a partner institution you will be updated about any changes either by the partner institution or by Hochschulservice Internationales.

This is possible as long as the respective faculty at FHWS agrees to the postponement. Please note that you have to take part again in the selection procedure

Yes, each student has to apply again at the faculty and via MoveOn.

The worldwide travel restrictions are still applying to most of the countries. For detailed information, please visit the website of the German Federal Foreign Office regularly ( Please do also refer to the website of the embassy of the country of your destination in Germany.

This depends on the respective partner institution. Reliable details cannot be provided at this stage. However, we assume that partner institutions will develop a special programme, which will include digital teaching. Furthermore, we expect that all partner institutions will have a range of safety measures to protect the health and wellbeing of students and staff. You will have to observe these measures, also for your own safety.

We have received cancellations from various partner institutions so far. Each partner institution decides about exchange mobility individually.

Please let us know about your decision as soon as possible, we will inform our partner institution accordingly.

Studienaufenthalte, die aufgrund der Corona Pandemie zunächst nicht physisch angetreten werden, können online begonnen und – wenn möglich – etwas später mit der vorgegebenen Mindestdauer von 90 Tagen physisch fortgesetzt werden (Blended Mobility). Sofern jedoch weiterhin Einschränkungen aufgrund der Corona-Pandemie bestehen, kann die physische Mobilitätsphase verkürzt oder gestrichen und durch eine Verlängerung der virtuellen Mobilitätsphase ersetzt werden. Eine Mobilität, welche physisch angetreten und ggf. online im Gastland durchgeführt wird, kann finanziell gefördert werden.

• Die Mobilitätsphase beginnt am ersten Tag der virtuellen Mobilität im Gastland und endet - wenn möglich -am letzten Tag, an dem der Teilnehmer an der Aufnahmeeinrichtung anwesend sein muss.
• Die finanzielle Förderung ist jedoch nur für den physisch im Gastland verbrachten Teil der Mobilitätsphase möglich!
• Die virtuelle oder kombinierte Mobilität ist von der Gasteinrichtung im Transcript of Records zu bestätigen.
• Die finanzielle Förderung erfolgt unter dem Vorbehalt der tatsächlichen Einreise in das Gastland und setzt mit dem Zeitpunkt der Reise in das Gastland ein, sei es zum Präsenz- oder Online-Studium. Ein eventuell erforderlicher Quarantänezeitraum zu Beginn im Gastland zählt zur Mobilitätsphase und wird dementsprechend gefördert. Das Einreisedatum in das Gastland ist vom Teilnehmer schriftlich mitzuteilen und anhand von Flugtickets, einem Screenshot der Einreisebestimmungen, Bestätigungen über Quarantänezeiträume o.ä. nachzuweisen.

Europe Diaries

Group of students
Group of students

Why not take a look at our Europe diaries (in German only) to learn more about the experiences of outgoing FHWS students? We have compiled and shared students’ experiences during their stay abroad here.

Get first-hand information about arrival in a foreign country, initial starting difficulties with studies at a new university, and making new friends.