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Faculty Internship Coordinators

Specialised Translation degree programme: Beate Wassermann (beate.wassermann[at]

Industrial Mathematics degree programme: Prof. Dr. Georg Wimmer (georg.wimmer[at]

Faculty of Applied Natural Sciences and Humanities website

Healthcare Management degree programme: Prof. Dr. Holger Truckenbrodt (holger.truckenbrodt[at]

Social Work degree programme: Thomas Peters (thomas.peters[at]

Faculty of Applied Social Sciences website

Architecture degree programme: Albert Dischinger (albert.dischinger[at]

Civil Engineering degree programme: Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Fischer (wolfgang.fischer[at]

Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering website

Electrical Engineering degree programme: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schormann (gerhard.schormann[at]

Faculty of Electrical Engineering website

Communication Design degree programme: Prof. Christoph Barth (christoph.barth[at]

Faculty of Visual Design website

E-Commerce degree programme: Prof. Dr. Tobias Aubele (tobias.aubele[at]

Computer Science degree programme: Prof. Dr. Steffen Heinzl (steffen.heinzl[at]

Business Information Systems degree programme: Prof. Dr. Frank-Michael Schleif (frank-michael.schleif[at]

Faculty of Computer Science and Business Information Systems website

Plastics and Rubber Engineering degree programme: Dieter Lambl (dieter.lambl[at]
Plastics and Rubber Engineering degree programme website

Geovisualisation, Surveying and Geoinformatics degree programme: Sabine Hüther-Bräutigam (sabine.huether-braeutigam[at]

Surveying and Geoinformatics and Geovisualisation degree programme website

Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, International Mechatronics and coordinator for dual studies for all degree programmes: Prof. Dr. Ralf Christel (ralf.christel[at]

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering website

Business and Engineering, International Business and Engineering degree programmes: Prof. Dr. Parviz Farmanara (parviz.farmanara[at]

Logistics, International Logistics degree programmes: Prof. Dr. Birgit Gampl (birgit.gampl[at]

Faculty of Business and Engineering website

Business Administration, International Management, Media Management degree programmes: Alex Kimmel (alex.kimmel[at]

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration website