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Are you interested in completing an internship abroad? We have compiled the most important information for you here.

Please note that FHWS is unable to support you in your search for an internship. Links to a variety of internship databases are provided below to give you an idea where you can apply for an internship.

You are able to apply for funding as soon as you have found a suitable internship. If you wish to complete your internship outside of Europe, please see the section on financing options for details of funding options. If you wish to complete your internship inside of Europe, you are able to apply for Erasmus+ funding. Usually, you can get this kind of funding, if you fulfil the programme conditions and if there are funds available. Approval of individual Erasmus+ grants is always a case-by-case decision.

Students in an undergraduate or graduate (Master's) programme can get an Erasmus+ grant for up to twelve months.

Please notice that you have to apply for funding not later than four weeks before starting your internship.

How can I apply for Erasmus+ funding?

1. Complete the Erasmus+ Learning Agreement on the computer. Tip: Ideally, send your Learning Agreement directly to your internship company and ask them to complete the relevant parts and return the form to you.
Please note the information in the Learning Agreement Guide.

2. Print the Learning Agreement and present it to your faculty internship supervisor for signing.

3. Check whether you have sufficient health, liability and accident insurance for your stay abroad, and obtain the according certification. Please note that these insurances are mandatory if you would like to complete an Erasmus+ funding. You can find useful information in our Proof of insurance for stays abroad for study and internship purposes.

4. Apply via the moveonline portal. Please upload the following documents:
- the completed Learning Agreement (Part 1)
- the Internship Contract
- an up-to-date matriculation certificate
- the proofs of health, liability and accident insurance
- the completed Proof of insurance for stays abroad and internship purposes (please read carefully; further information can also be found under Insurance)

5. After checking and approving your application, a funding agreement will be reached between you and the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt for Erasmus+ funding and 80% of the funding sum transferred to your bank account.

6. Even if you are already excited about going abroad, do not forget to also re-enrol at FHWS for this period. If you fail to re-enrol at FHWS, you will lose your student status and will no longer be eligible for any funding. Any funding you have received must then be repaid.

What do I need to keep in mind while I am abroad?

7. If any changes are made to the internship programme during your internship, the Learning Agreement must be amended accordingly and confirmed by your internship company. Please then send the signed form to the International Office without delay.

8. During your internship, please inform the International Office every month how you are getting on (fields of activity, learning effect, working conditions).

What do I need to do when I return from abroad?

9. If you received Erasmus+ funding, you are required to prepare a written evaluation via the Mobility Tool+ (MT+). You will receive an automatic email from MT+ asking you to submit a written evaluation within 30 days of the end of your internship.

10. Please submit your internship reference and the third part of the Learning Agreement to the International Office. The second funding instalment (20%) will be paid once you have submitted all of the final documents.


Do you still have questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Elisabeth Ebner
Elisabeth Ebner

Internships abroad advisor (Würzburg)
Elisabeth Ebner
Room T.0.03
Tiepolostraße 6
97070 Würzburg
Email elisabeth.ebner[at]

Thorsten Ziegler

Internships abroad advisor (Schweinfurt)
Thorsten Ziegler
University building 21
Room 21.1.17
Niederwerner Str. 96
97421 Schweinfurt
Email thorsten.ziegler[at]