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Information on Staff Mobility for Teaching Assignments

Thank you for your interest in a short-term visiting lectureship at one of our partner universities. We have compiled the most important information below.

    How can I apply for the staff mobility for teaching assignments (STA) programme?

  1. Inform yourself about the partner university where you wish to complete a short-term visiting lectureship. For details of the current FHWS partner universities at which lecturer mobility is possible, please use MoveON search engine (German only). For a short-term visiting lectureship at one of our European partner universities, please select Dozentenmobilität EU from the list of programmes.
  2. Please discuss with your faculty’s international affairs officer which costs can be taken over and forward this information to the International Office (HSIN).
    If HSIN-funds are used, please contact Dr Wimmer, Head of  the International Office.
    For the Erasmus+ STA programme, please fill out the form Agreement on Staff Mobility for Teaching Assignments and get the signatures from all parties involved by e-mail. Forward the document together with the invitation letter from the partner university as well as the programme of your lectureship to Ms Ebner, International Office. These documents serve as a basis for calculating the Erasmus+ subsidy and should be sent to HSIN at least four weeks before your start of the journey.
  3. Register in the MoveON applicant portal.
  4. The International Office will confirm the subsidy by e-mail.
  5. Travel authorisation request: Please enter information on costs that are taken over in the field “Bemerkungen.” The FHWS Travel Portal is in the intranet.
  6. What do I need to do when I return from my short-term visiting lectureship?

  7. Submit your travel expenses (incl. original receipts) for accommodation, food, and transport along with the confirmation from the partner university of the actual duration of your stay (in case of Erasmus+ STA mobility) to the International Office.
  8. Prepare a report on your short-term visiting lectureship (in case of Erasmus+ STA mobility) via the Mobility Tool Plus (MT+). You will receive an email containing a link to the report form from MT+, which you must complete within 30 days of your return. All individuals who receive Erasmus+ funding are contractually obliged to prepare a report at the end of their funding period.