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Staff Mobility

International staff mobility aims to facilitate the professional development of university staff through further training measures and internships at partner universities. Stays can last between a minimum of two consecutive days and a maximum of 60 days, whereby the start date is taken as the first and the end date the last day.

With the Erasmus+ staff mobility for training (STT) programme, you are able to complete further training at one of our European partner universities. These include partner universities in EU member states as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Norway, and Turkey. For details of the current FHWS partner universities at which staff mobility for training is possible, please use the MoveON search engine (German only) for partner universities by selecting Weiterbildung EU from the list of programmes.

Please note that you are also able to complete training at one of our partner universities outside of Europe. For details of the possible cooperation partners, please also see the MoveON search engine and select your chosen exchange programme. 

The mobility funding provided by the EU within the scope of the Erasmus+ STT programme is seen as a contribution to cover the costs arising from this time abroad. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all travel costs will be covered. Moreover, parallel funding from other EU programmes as well as subsidization of conference or congress travels are not possible.

The Erasmus+ mobility funding doesn’t provide any insurance coverage. Participants need to inform themselves about sufficient insurance coverage abroad early. Basic coverage might be provided by the national health insurance or additional private insurances of the participant. However, the coverage may not be sufficient, especially in case of repatriation, specific medical intervention or regarding sufficient protection during pandemics.

Please submit an individual enquiry regarding the conditions for staff mobility at one of our non-European partner universities.



Information on insurance coverage during staff mobility abroad

No insurance coverage is associated with an Erasmus+ grant. Please note : Statutory social insurance must be in place as part of the employment/service relationship through the sending institution (A1 certificate, see above). Supplementary private health, accident and liability insurance will be organized by the participants themselves.

In case of mobility within the EU, the participant's national health insurance with the European Health Insurance Card also provides basic insurance coverage for the stay in another EU country. However, this basic insurance coverage may be insufficient, especially if repatriation or special medical interventions are needed or in case of international mobility. For such cases, supplementary private health insurance may be required. For further information, please contact your health insurance company.

Liability and accident insurances cover damages caused or suffered by the participant during the stay abroad. Different regulations apply to these insurances in the individual countries. The participant therefore runs the risk of not being covered by the standard conditions.

In addition to the above-mentioned insurances, insurance against loss or theft of documents, tickets and luggage is recommended.