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Europe Diaries

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Are you interested in studying abroad for a semester? Take a look at our Europe Diaries. FHWS students used them to capture their impressions and experiences as outgoing students. Whether you are looking for reports about Italy, Finland, Poland, the Netherlands, or Slowenia - you will find numerous exciting background stories from the students' time at our partner universities.

Unfortunately the reports are currently only available in German.

Symbol picture Paris, Alexander Kagan

Vivre la France - That was probably Lea Schleiß' thought when she decided to spend her semester abtroad in France. And what place would be better than the capital itself: Paris! In her Europe Diaries she will tell us about her time at the Université Sorbonne Paris Nord. 

Svenja Steinborn is not just going to Hungary for only her semester abroad - she will even get a double-degree at the Business School Budapest. You will learn about her experiences in her Europe Diaries.

Even Corona couldn't stop Katharina Prößl to spend her summer semester 2021 in Portugal. In her Europe Diary she tells us what challenges she had to face and how it feels to study during a worldwide pandemic.

Picture of Zealand Academy

Brand- and Mediamanagement student Magdalena trauth spent the winter semester 2019/2020 abroad at the Zeland Institute of Business and Technology in Denmark. She captured her experiences in her Europe Diary.

Picture of bridges in Prague

Theresa Schubert, an International Management student at the FHWS, chose to spend the winter semester  2018/2019 at the Unicorn College in Prague, Czech Republic. She wrote down her experiences in her diary.

Building of UCAM

For Sabrina Böhm the choice for her semester abroad was easy: The Catholic University San Antonio de Murcia. She spent her summer semester 2018 in Spain and wrote down her experiences in her monthly reports.

Building of Saimaa University

Selina Trautmann is studying Business Management at the FHWS. To experience how the student life abroad looks like and to meet students from around the globe, she chose to spend a semester at the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences in Lappeenranta in Finland.

Aerial view of Bologna

After already spending a voluntary year of social service in Bolzano the university choice for Francas semester abroad was easy: The University of Bologna in Italy. How the Social Work student experienced the dolce vita in Northern Italy was written down in her diary.

Picture of Helsinki

Eva wrote down what she experienced during her semester abroad at the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki and how she survived the strong finnish winter.

Street in Krakow

Why Poland? "Why not?" - that was Ina Webers answer when friends and relatives asked her about her choice for the semester abroad. Why she wasn't disappointed by the choice she made the media management wrote down in her Europe Diary.

Center city of Groningen

Johanna Klug spent the winter semester 2015/2016 at the Hanzehogeschool in Groningen. Why she chose the Netherlands over Spain she wrote down in her blog posts.

Center city of Ljubljana

In 2015 Lukas Wiemer spent his summer semester in the slovenien capital Ljubljana. What he experienced during his time in the small country in between Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary he's telling us in his diary.