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Blog entry 2 - Szia* Budapest

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We are on the train. Suddenly, everyone takes off their masks – apparently, we just crossed the border to Hungary, because masks are not mandatory here anymore. It is a strange feeling at first, but this changes quickly into happiness about the regained “normality”.


The nine-hour train journey is coming to an end. Marie and I cannot wait to arrive in our new home. We are both excited. I already know that I will love the city, but will everything be as we anticipate it? Will our expectations, especially considering the flat, be fulfilled?


After all the trouble we had with finding a flat, you can imagine how tricky that topic was for us. But today (a couple of weeks later) I can say the following: It even exceeded our expectations. This flat is a dream! It is just perfect, even better than anticipated. We are more than happy to call this place our home.


The first days and weeks fly by and the life without a face mask is shockingly normal. The biggest adjustment is probably that there is no Euro in Hungary (yet), but the “Hungarian Forint” (HUF). 1€ is approximately 350 HUF, I think, I will never really get used to this …


In the beginning we spend a lot of time exploring our neighbourhood and the city. We stop at about every second house and are in awe with the beauty and architecture. Of course, we also visit the main sights, but I want to tell you more about that in a separate post (stay tuned

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