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Blog entry 5 - Time flies

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In the meantime, it is already the end of October, and I must admit that time is just running away. Today I want to update you about what has been happening with me the past weeks. Let us start with my favourite part – my boyfriend came to visit me. Because his job allows him to work remotely, he was able to visit me for a bit more than two weeks. I enjoyed his presence a lot and am thankful, that I was able to show him my new home and the Erasmus life. It was his first time in Budapest, which is why we did a lot of sightseeing, and I also showed him the Erasmus party scene with my friends. It was a really good time and I think it is so cool that he was able to meet my friends here and has a better understanding of everything.

There has also been a lot happening concerning uni. Here too, the weeks just fade into each other. Last week was the so called ‘project week’. That week offers many guest lectures from universities all over the world from endless fields of expertise. As we are doing a double degree, we were obliged to participate, while other Erasmus students had a week off. Many used this time to go on a trip and explore the surroundings or neighbouring countries. This week we already had our midterm exams, which means, that half of the semester is already over. Crazy! I can hardly believe it. It still feels as if Uni just started yesterday.

Today is a wonderful autumn day with bright sunshine. I used the day to go to Buda Hills with two of my friends. Buda Hills - part of the Hungarian low mountain range – are accessible within 40 minutes by public transport from the city centre. You can hike there really nicely and comfortably. Those who are a bit lazy – like us – do not even have to walk up themselves but can take a chairlift. Once we arrived, we walked to a cute lookout tower. From there you have a view over the entire city and the surroundings of Budapest (where you cannot see anything, by the way). We enjoyed it a lot to finally be in nature again and have some peace and quiet away from the city. By the way, today is Halloween, which means that later, of course, we will go to an obligatory Halloween party. This party has been advertised as the biggest Halloween Party of Budapest with over 2000 people. It is surely going to be wild.

Finally, a quick Covid Update: Starting from tomorrow the duty to wear masks returns, but exclusively in public transport. Cases are rising here, just like in Germany. The situation definitely remains exciting.

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