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Blog entry 2 - Bienvenidos a España

Fri, 27 Apr 2018 | Katholische Universität San Antonio de Murcia

From snow-covered and quite cold Germany I arrived in springlike Murcia after a 2,5h flight and a one hour bus ride. Just as warm and cordial I was welcomed by my three flat mates who gave me a guided tour of the city right after my arrival. When we came back to the flat around 6 o'clock, I was already really hungry...but at this time there is no chance, you will find an open restaurant, all restaurants in Spain won’t open before 9 pm and thus I had to endure another two hours being hungry. When we arrived at the restaurant, we ordered typical Spanish tapas like "Patatas Bravas", "Jamón Ibérico" and the delicious Tortilla Española, which is an omelet made of potatoes and egg.

The following weeks at UCAM (my university here in Murcia) I would describe as turbulent and somewhat chaotic. Unfortunately many of the international students didn't know which courses they were enrolled in and so the whole "International Office" was completely full of students trying to get into their courses in all kinds of languages. This was very interesting and I could already make the first international contacts.

The saying "it’s a small world" also applies in Murcia, Spain. On the very first day I saw a good friend who lives in my neighboring village in Germany at the university and we found out that he also completes his semester abroad at the same time here in Murcia.

As soon as everyone had completed their Learning Agreement, the first lectures started. It was very strange to follow the lessons completely in English or Spanish, but you get used to it very quickly. But if I can get used to the fact that I have lectures almost every evening until 8 pm, I will find out during the next weeks (-: Another thing I really like about Murcia is that there are a lot of students from all over the world. Almost every evening we are out and about in the city and meet new people every day. The language barriers also aren’t a big problem, as everyone tries to learn Spanish, but if you don’t know how to say something in Spanish, you can also communicate in English here.

Besides studying, leisure time should of course not be neglected. Our university organizes a lot of excursions, where you can experience a lot for little money. Beer tasting at the Murcian brewery "Estrella de Levantes", trampoline jumping, bouldering in the climbing hall, a city tour and much more. The bus tickets here are also very cheap and the busses run quite frequently so you can easily go to the sea on your own or go to Alicante.

I'm very excited to see what else I will experience in the coming weeks but I'm incredibly looking forward to it.

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