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Blog entry 4 - El tiempo vuela…!

Fri, 25 May 2018 | Katholische Universität San Antonio de Murcia

As you can easily see from the headline: Time flies...and I absolutely don't know where it flies to. As soon as you've settled in a bit, you're stuck in the routine of your everyday life. Sometimes I think the days are too short for all the things I want to experience and I’m having less and less time to study for the midterms.

Meanwhile, I have also signed myself up for the fitness center of our university and go to the spinning courses with my friends quite often. 

In the middle of March, I went to Valencia together with other Erasmus students in order to experience a day of the famous "Las Fallas" at close quarters. It is impossible to describe it, because this festival of uniqueness and madness can hardly be surpassed. In the whole city you can see figures (up to 30 meters high!) made of papier-mâché and wood. These colorful figures are mostly representations of political themes or people who are presented in a funny way. Throughout the day you can admire different parades and at 1 o'clock at night (in our case it was 01:45 à punctuality of the Spaniards ;) the figures are burned.

I have EVER seen anything like that! In the middle of the city there were fireworks and right afterwards I could see these huge figures burning.

One week later, my family visited Spain over Easter and we made a road trip from Valencia along the coast to Murcia. During this trip we discovered some beautiful beaches and cities. For example, we visited the palm garden in Elche, saw the rock "Peñón de Ifach" and visited Alicante. 

We were also lucky to experience the Semana Santa (Easter week) up close. For one week, all Spanish cities are in an exceptional state with music, processions and other events. During the processions the people are always swathed in different colored robes and carry platforms with Christian figures over the streets while being followed by orchestras.

This year the Semana Santa was directly followed by the "Fiesta de la Primavera" (Spring Festival), which in Murcia is the biggest and most significant week of the whole year. 

Again we could admire processions every day and the citizens of Murcia were all dressed very traditional.

The whole city was colorfully decorated and you could taste the typical Murcian tapas everywhere. I was lucky because other Erasmus students lived in a flat right above the main street and I could watch the parades from the balcony. The whole city was overcrowded and there was music was an unforgettable experience.

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