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Blog entry 7 – No es un Adiós es un hasta luego Murcia

Mon, 7 Jan 2019 | Katholische Universität San Antonio de Murcia

As the already says, it is not a „goodbye“, but a „See you again Murcia”!

After I had taken all the exams and the strain of the last weeks in Murcia had been over, straight on I had to start packing my suitcases.

Fortunately, I could give my winter jackets, sweaters and long trousers, which I needed urgently at the beginning of my semester abroad, to my guests, who visited me in Murcia, and they took them to Germany. Otherwise I would not have been able to close my suitcase.

With all the experiences and countless new impressions, it is difficult to describe my Erasmus semester in a few sentences. My time there was just as multifaceted as the city itself.

Between the cold days at the beginning of my stay and weekends in other Spanish cities, between serenity, because you simply have to enjoy the awesome life there, and hecticness, because the exams came even faster than you thought. Between trips with friends and days on which you stay at home with your flat mates. Between meals at the canteen and delicious Spanish paella, such days on which you think the city and its tourists are incredibly exhausting and such days on which you are the most stereotypical tourist yourself. Between your everyday life and adventures, a little bit of homesickness but also wanderlust.

To sum up, however, I can say that I had a very good time and enjoyed unforgettable experiences.

Over the months, you get to know many interesting and kind people and can also make some international friendships. This is exactly what made leaving so hard. Of course you can stay in touch, but during my time in Spain my friends were my family.

During my semester abroad, I learned to feel comfortable even outside of my familiar environment. I did not only learn a lot about a completely new culture but also a lot about myself. I learned how to cope with new situations and noticed how quickly new experiences became part of my everyday life and how quickly friends and enjoyable experiences can turn foreign place into your new home. Most notably, however, you realize how quickly time passes and how important it is to enjoy your days besides all the duties of your everyday life: for example sitting on a roof terrace with good friends and having a glass (or several glasses ;) of Tinto de Verano and simply enjoy the moment.



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