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Blog entry 2 – Above the roofs of Prague

Mon, 19 Nov 2018 | Unicorn College

It’s mid-November. I’m trying to enjoy the last few autumn days in Prague with sun and colourful leaves. As there are so many beautiful parks here, I’ve often been outside enjoying the nice weather – as long as I still can. My favourite place is a small island in the middle of the Vltava River that can only be entered via a bridge. My friends and I often went for a walk over there and enjoyed a cup of hot coffee after that.

Slowly but surely, it’s getting colder and Christmas is getting closer. The Palladium, the biggest shopping centre in Prague, is already completely covered in Christmas decorations. However, there’s no sign of happy holiday mood. We have to write several essays, read books, manage projects, and study for exams. At Unicorn College, the final exam at the end of the semester makes up only 50 % of the final grade. The remaining 50 % comprises various study performances that we have to obtain during the semester. I quickly got used to that and tried to juggle it all. We’ve also already taken our first exam: psychology.

There was a lot to discover and enjoy outside the university in the past few weeks. My roommates and I went to the National Theatre of Prague, for example. The ticket for the ballet we watched cost only – believe it or not – 5 euros! And on top of that, it was a really great experience. The theatre, located in the city centre, has a kind of roof terrace where we spent the intermission and enjoyed the magnificent view over the entire city. My roommates have grown very close to my heart because they are so open-minded and welcomed me with open arms. When everyone is home, we often chat about this and that over a tasty Czech beer, cook together, or go out together. From time to time, they offer me good advice on the life in Prague or tell me how I won’t get lost using the tramway (which I’m very good at).

The other Erasmus students at Unicorn College and I have often met to paint the town red. We also went to the Letna Park (a beautiful park on a hill offering a wonderful view over the city), several cafés, and the city centre. Last weekend, Lisa-Marie (last year’s double degree student) came to visit. She shared some insider tips with us and we talked about our studies and a few organisational matters. It was nice to share our experiences and laugh about funny moments we encountered in Prague. Our favourite letter of the Czech language is Ř. You have to pronounce an “r” and a “sh” at the same time. Sounds impossible? Because it is!

Everyday life has definitely become reality. Prague, my shared apartment, and my roommates have become my new home. I often think back to my first semester and just can’t believe that time flies so fast.

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