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Blog entry 6 - Na shledanou Praha! – Good bye Prague!

Wed, 6 Feb 2019 | Unicorn College

The last exam is over, my folders are packed away, and the stress has completely disappeared – a great feeling after the exam period. The best thing is that I don’t need to pack my bags, move out, and finish my semester abroad just yet. The 3rd semester is over, but the 4th is just ahead! I’m looking forward to it, especially to spring in Prague, which can best be spent in one of the parks with a great view and a picnic. 

But right now, I’m enjoying the semester break in my home region with friends and family. In between, I’ve got some time to think about how a stage in my life is ending and at the same time something new is beginning.

What my best experience in Prague was? Hard to say because there were a lot of great moments. But one of the best was the evening I spent with my roommates in the National Theater. To me it is very important to get along with my roommates. They helped me a lot and supported me in many ways, which I’m very grateful for.

What I’ve learned in Prague? Apart from the language and how to get settled in, I’d say that a friendly smile has always helped me along – especially if the other person only spoke Czech and I had to solve a more complex problem than simply ordering goulash. I’ve also learned that people in Prague are extremely polite and helpful. I think these are precious values that you can always work on.

What was difficult? First of all the language. If you understand a little bit, you’ll realize that Czech sounds very melodic. Even though you wouldn’t think so because a word can consist of 10 consonants and 2 vowels! This makes the pronunciation difficult to learn and I needed a lot of patience and practice until I could express myself to some extent. But it was definitely worth it because everything becomes more accessible, even with very little vocabulary.

I perceived Prague as a city with many little details to discover if you look closely: the gallery in the city center, the small pottery shop at the castle, and the art studio at the end of the alley. Prague has incredibly many things to offer and the most beautiful spots are not even mentioned in any or very few tourist guides.

Prague is a city that wants to be experienced.

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