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Blog entry 7 - An end and also somehow a beginning

It's doomsday weather outside. That fits my mood right now. I am sitting here in an almost empty apartment and am sorting my things. What do I leave here? What do I give away? What do I sell? And which things do I take with me on my journey? My time here in Paris is rapidly coming to an end and somehow I can't understand it at all, that this will no longer be my home as of next week. Since the middle of April, I have not attended any lectures and, with the exception of two assignments I have written all exams. These went surprisingly well and I expect to have passed them.

In May I had time to fully enjoy the city of Paris again. Besides museum visits, which are almost all free here for under 26 year olds, I went on picnics with friends I had picnics with friends in parks, explored the nightlife of Paris, went on nature excursions, visited the Château Versailles, strolled the streets of Paris with my visitor from Germany, drank coffee , and got sunburned by the hot May sun. The rain just now - after the last two weeks, in which it was almost constantly had over 25°C - is a nice change.

It's crazy that I left five months ago to live in Paris. I have learned so much, the French language, to have confidence in myself, to listen to my own needs and to experience living in a big city. I have met so many people, each of whom has inspired me in his or her own way.

And now this adventure is already over and the next one is about to begin. I will be travelling through the South of France. With my backpack, my yoga mat, my ukulele, a tingle in my belly and a big smile on my face, I'm setting off on my two-month journey.

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