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Blog entry 7 - Glædelig jul – Merry Christmas!

Mon, 9 Dec 2019 | Zealand Institute of Business and Technology

Time flies and soon it will be Christmas! Before it is time to go back home, I wanted to enjoy the remaining weeks. I decided to visit the Copenhagen Zoo.

It is really large (about 11 hectares) and exhibits many animals. The zoo’s compound is divided by a road. Visitor can use an underground passage to get from one side to the other. The zoo was founded in 1859 and is the oldest zoo in Denmark.

The zoo is about 40 minutes away from the train station (by foot). It is located in the district of Frederiksberg. This urban district is very beautiful. There are many parks – a nice opportunity to get away from the hectic rush in the city center.

After our visit to the zoo, we went shopping. Later, we went out for dinner. The Christmas holidays will start 1 week earlier than I thought (16th of December), which is nice, because after 3, 5 months I’m really looking forward to getting back home :)!

We wanted to do one last trip together, so we decided to visit the Christmas market in Copenhagen. I never thought it would be possible for the Christmas market to be even more crowded than usual. But IT WAS! So many people! Fortunately, the Christmas market is divided into several smaller markets, so it wasn’t too bad :). I think I’ve mentioned before, that everything in Denmark is quite expensive – the Christmas market is, too. A sandwich costs about 10€ and a cup of mulled wine 8€! Not ideal, if you are a student :).

However, the city looks very beautiful. There are fairy lights, decorated with large hearts and stars everywhere. The ships at the harbor and most buildings are also decorated with lights. It definitely gets you in the Christmas mood :).

Before it is time to go back to Germany, the Zealand Academy invited all Erasmus students to a “Farewell Dinner”. I think it is really nice, that they organize this event with food and everything. We and our “Buddies” will have a great evening.

I did not think that my time here would go by so fast.

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