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Blogentry 9 - Farvel Denmark

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How quickly the time has passed ... I arrived here 6 months ago and now the semester abroad is already over. The exam period is over too, and now it is time to say goodbye and pack my suitcase. I wonder, how did my belongings ever fit into a single suitcase? :‘D

But never mind the excess luggage, after all, I am taking great memories and new friendships with me that will hopefully last even after I get back home.

In these last days, everything seems different: the last time in the “food hall” - the last time complaining about salty or burnt food :D, the last time cleaning my room, the last time strolling through the city center of Roskilde.

Of course, I am looking forward to coming home and meeting family and friends - and I will (at least in the first few weeks) appreciate the prices in the supermarket very much! :D

The last days before my departure were not very busy, because most of us were very busy writing exams. But I went to Roskilde with a friend and we tried a piece of "Chokolade Havren Mousse Kage" in the café "Kaffekilden” and we went to Copenhagen a few more times.

Cecilie will take me to the airport again. That makes everything much easier for me, so I bought her a little gift when I was in Copenhagen last week. Most Danish people love liquorice and this is a special brand "Johan Bülow Lakrids", which is also available in Germany. Therefore, I got Cecilie a bag of those famous liquorice balls. Although I do not like them so much, I must say that they are delicious, because there is only a small liquorice core and the rest is chocolate (#hidden advertising)!

At least it soothed my conscience :D, but most Danish people are very openhearted and friendly (Of course, there are some exceptions)!

Before everyone goes back home, we spent an evening together with our Buddies. We met in the Student House. We had dinner together, played games, talked and drank. We took a picture together. Unfortunately, not all of us were there anymore, but the evening was a perfect ending to our stay abroad!



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