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Studying Abroad

Spending time abroad requires timely and thorough planning. Ensure that you are clear on the timing and duration of your time abroad when you are planning. You should also take your foreign language skills into account in your choice of country and host university.

FHWS is in contact with more than 170 partner universities worldwide. Your faculty International Affairs Officer will be able to help you choose a suitable host university and advise which higher education institutions are particularly suitable for your study focus. You are also able to discuss your choice of subjects at the host university with them.

If you are not offered a place at one of our partner universities, you are alternatively able to apply to another host university of your choice as a so-called Free Mover. We ask for your understanding that we are unable to support you in this search.

Please ensure that you begin planning your time abroad around one year in advance.

The deadlines to apply to study at one of our partner universities are as follows:

1.11-31.01 for stays starting in the following winter semester
1.05-30.06 for stays starting in the following summer semester

Please see below for a summary of the most important reasons to study abroad:

  • Improve your foreign language skills
  • Experience a new country, its people, and culture
  • Explore your degree subject from another perspective
  • Establish international contacts
  • Gain experience abroad for future job applications


Sie möchten mehr über ein Auslandssemester erfahren? Werfen Sie doch einen Blick in unsere Europatagebücher! Hier sind Erfahrungsberichte von FHWS Outgoing Austauschstudierenden gesammelt, die über ihre Zeit an eine unserer Partnerhochschulen berichten.

Internationaler Abend

Jedes Jahr im Sommer veranstaltet die FHWS in Kooperation mit der Universität Würzburg den Internationalen Abend. Während dieser Veranstaltung haben Sie die Möglichkeit Informationen über einen Auslandsaufenthalt aus erster Hand zu erhalten. Weitere Informationen zu dieser Veranstaltungsreihe haben wir für Sie auf der Seite zum Internationalen Abend zusammengefasst.