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Study Abroad Event


eINs Podcast

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Joint Online Course

More informations about the Course.

Half-time summary of FHWS 3IN

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The project FHWS 3IN supports the 3IN Alliance, together with other universities from Finland (Diak), Norway (VID), Romania (UniTBv) and Portugal (ISAVE). Together, they fight for the three INs inclusion, integration and involvement. The project FHWS 3IN started in 2020 and now, after 18 months, it is time for an interim conclusion.
Corona was a big factor and especially the problem of keeping an international project going in between lockdowns and travel restrictions was a big challenge. However, FHWS 3IN succeeded by hosting several online events accessible to students, professors and employees of all 3IN partner universities. International lectures, events during the Human Rights Week or intercultural workshops: 3IN adapted well to the situation and made the best of it. They chose to focus on digital networking, and it definitely paid off.
Of course, it was a shame that stays abroad had to be postponed, but overall 3IN has gained a lot of experience and strength over the last 18 months. The team thought outside of the box, got creative and enjoyed implementing new digital ways of teaching.

If you want to know what we have achieved so far, you can find the latest mid-term report here.

Study Abroad: Die Welt erleben & Ländern entdecken


ist ein virtuelles Auslandsberatungsevent für alle, die gerne ein paar Infos zum Thema Auslandssemester hätten. Angestellte der Fakultät für Angewandte Sozialwissenschaften (FAS) und des Hochschulservice Internaitonales (HSIN) werden bei diesem Event Infos rund um das Thema Auslandssemester geben.

Hier gehts zu weiteren Infos zur Veranstaltung

The eINs international podcast


The podcast “Terminal eINs” is back from its summer break and starts into its second season.

Come on board our flight and explore various countries with us. Every fortnight, experience first-hand what it is like to live in a foreign country from exciting guests. We will travel to the US, Estonia, Japan and many other countries. You want to know which the classical Do’s and Don’ts are? What the biggest cultural differences are?

Tune in again to find out!
Interested? You can find more information here.

Joint Online Course

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On October 4th, the 8-week joint online course (JOC) of the 3IN alliance started with students from the 3IN partner universities DIAK in Finland, VID in Norway and FHWS. This exciting pilot project of the 3IN Alliance, where, for the first time, students from the partner universities are enrolled in a joint course, was organised by Christine Lukash (VID), Meg Sakilayan-Latvala (DIAK) and Sven Warnke (FHWS).

In the first session one could immediately get an impression about the use of the digital space: to get to know each other, interactive methods were used and the use of break-out session for direct contact of the students created a pleasant atmosphere in the digital classroom.

The three lecturers joined together in creating a course that is not only aimed at gaining knowledge and scientific skills about the “Planetary Health” field, but also to improve students’ skills of international cooperation and teamwork. The sessions will last for about three hours each time over the course of eight weeks.

More Information about the Course.

News from the partners

DIAK online courses

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Just take a course at a foreign university? It's possible! Our partner university DIAK from Finland offers six online courses in English for students at master's level:

Learning Outcomes: The student

  • is able to identify a practical problem based on an accurate assessment and formulate the practical problem into a question that can be answered.
  • is able to acquire the most suitable evidence to answer the relevant questions related to practice and transforming and restructuring health care.
  • is able to act independently and integrate critically appraised and most suitable evidence with professional judgment, expertise and client preferences to deliver quality health care.
  • is able to critically evaluate the changes and outcomes of decisions made on the basis of evidence to ensure the provision of high-quality health care.
  • is able to commit to a consistent evidence-based practice to increase favourable outcomes.

Learning Outcomes: The student

  •  is able to analyse national and global change needs in organisations and networks.
  • is able to analyse transformative leadership paradigms in a diverse social and health care sector.
  • is able to analyse how service delivery in diverse systems connects management and leadership.
  • is able to develop their strategic thinking in development processes, teams, organisations and networks.
  • is able to advocate for ethical and sustainable management and leadership in diverse social and health care contexts.

Learning Outcomes: The student

  • is able to critically analyse the impact of globalisation on communities.
  • is able to analyse the interconnectedness of global challenges.
  • is able to analyse the concepts and theories related to social justice and human rights from a global perspective.
  • is able to explain and analyse the impact of inequality, migration and humanitarian crisis on communities.
  • is able to apply the elements of social justice and wellbeing to community development.

Learning Outcomes: The student

  • is able to analyse the concepts and theories of multidimensional sustainable development.
  • is able to analyse the interconnectedness of social, economic and environmental perspectives.
  • is able to analyse the opportunities and obstacles of sustainable development in urban and rural contexts.
  • is able to promote integrated action to combat social, economic and environmental challenges in communities.
  • is able to apply sustainable developmental goals to community development in practice.

On completion of this course, the student:

  • has advanced knowledge of key perspectives and central theoretical debates on the complex relations and interconnectedness between ecological and social conditions and challenges.
  • has in-depth understanding of past and current debates about sustainability, green growth, and human behavior and responsibility towards nature.
  • is able to identify transformative changes from anthropocentricity to eco-social views
  • is able to understand key perspectives, past and current debates about the eco-social and to apply them in communication with specialists and public.

On completion of the course, the student is able to:

  • analyze key elements related to global and local eco-social issues and relate these to policies, political processes, local alternatives, and to eco-social initiatives.
  • apply theoretical perspectives of eco-social changes in local and global situations.
Diak Plakat

Each course will provide 5 ECTS points. However, not all courses will be acknowledged by FHWS.

For students from the MA of Social Work the following rules for accreditation will apply:

  • People-centred evidence-based practice 5 ECTS auf das Modul 2.1 Verhaltensorientierte Handlungsmethoden, 5 CP
  • Managing change and diversity 5 ECTS auf das Modul 3.1 Organisation und Qualitätsmanagement, 5 CP
  • Social justice in global perspective 5 ECTS auf das Modul 4.1 Sozialwissenschaftliche Vertiefung,  5 CP oder alternativ auf das Modul 1.2 Wissenschaft Soziale Arbeit II, 5 CP

For students from the MA of International Social Work with refugees and migrants we will check individually if an accreditation is possible.

!Improtant: The Deadline for registration is the 30.04.!

More information about the courses you may find here:

The instructions and the online registration form are available on our website at

If you have any questions, please contact Stefanie.witter[at]

Master degree abroad

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Getting a master’s degree abroad without having to move away? No problem!

The Diaconia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland, makes it possible Starting next winter semester (2021/22), Diak will offer two new master's degree programmes in English:

  • Global Change in Communities
  • People-Centred and Innovative Leadership in Health Services

Both programmes are directed at students with bachelor degrees in Social Sciences or Healthcare Management and will mainly be taught online with a few offers and mobility opportunities in Helsinki.

You can enrol for the degree programmes from the 17th March until the 31st March 2021
Sounds interesting? Go and find out more on the Website of DIAK



Completed events


International Teaching Week

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Do you want to gain international experience but don’t really know which options are available to you?

During our International Teaching Week, you get the chance find out more about studying abroad and the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences (FAS) will help you to plan your personal stay abroad! We will host different events, such as the “Study Abroad Event”, where we will give you the most important information on studying abroad. In addition to the main event, FAS will provide different information stands, so that you yourself can decide which topics you want to know more about. There will also be an information stand for ambitious students who are interested in FAS' international master programme.

The Faculty has also organised peer-to-peer-events on the 8th and 10th June during which you will have the chance to talk to students who have already completed their stay abroad and are happy to give you all the information you need. Spain, Namibia and Sweden are just some of the countries we will focus on during their events. Find out more about the programme on their website.

You can find the report here and the summary here.

Online German Course offer for students of Alliances higher education institutions

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FHWS 3IN offers again a German Course A1.1 for all students from 3IN Alliance institutions.

Students receive the possibility to experience international exchange and collaboration even
in times of COVID-19.

They will receive an A1.1 certificate in the end of the course.

We are happy to announce, that seven participants from the last 3IN German Course have received the A1 Certificate.

Course period: April 13 - August 31, 2021

For further information please klick here.

Virtual Exchange Program

Virtual Exchange Banner

You would like to study abroad in Germany at FHWS, but due to the corona crisis it is just not possible at the moment?

We have a solution for you: We offer virtual courses taught in English! By participating, you are able to broaden your horizon in different subject areas and you can get up to 5 CP.

You can find an overview of the course offer here.

Anna Lassonczyk, international journey

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Anna Lassonczyk, certified intercultural coach, will take us on a virtual international


On the 20th of April, Intercultural Competence Coach Anna Lassonczyk was invited for the afternoon at FHWS. The project FHWS 3IN coordinated the virtual meeting and 20 participants from different partner universities of the 3IN Alliance were invited to join. Ms. Lassonczyk normally advises big international companies on how to maintain and establish successful international relations, but on Tuesday she coached students of FHWS. The three hours on Tuesday afternoon were filled with a good mixture of facts & figures and useful tips & tricks on how to deal with a typical culture shock or the traditions of cultures all over the world. Participants were enlightened that Germans can be seen as peaches as well as coconuts as it all depends on the perspective: Are Germans hard on the outside and soft on the inside or is it the other way around?


Find out more on the Training on Inercultural Competences by clicking here.


International lecture „Responses to the Crisis – a Transnational View”

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The international lecture „Responses to the Crisis – a Transnational View” took place via ZOOM on 14th and 15th May 2020 and was organized by our project FHWS 3IN, a cooperation of FAS and HSIN.

For the lecture, ten speakers from six of the 3IN Alliances’ partner universities came together and gave a report on how the Corona Crisis affected their home countries. As the speakers came from different European countries, participants, as well as lecturers, were able to exchange information and expertise on an international level and to gain an insight into the crisis management of other European countries. The topics covered a wide field of expertise: from methods of how to make a higher education institute crisis-proof, over general crisis strategies, to the role of religious organizations during a crisis. Thanks to the input of the lecturers as well as the lively discussions afterwards, it became clear that we can still learn from each other, even during isolation and in times of a crisis.

Second 3IN Alliance Webinar 18 November 2020: Social Inclusion in Higher Education

Webinar Programme
Webinar Programme

After the successful international lecture series in May 2020, the FHWS 3IN project team was starting the second round: Together with the partner universities of the 3IN Alliance, the second part of the joint series of events took place on November 18, 2020, this time on the topic of “Social Inclusion - Concepts of inclusion of disadvantaged groups to education "(Social inclusion - Inclusion concepts for disadvantaged groups in education systems) carried out. The speakers of the various 3IN partner universities presented concepts and methods on this topic, which were then discussed together in order to get to know new input and different perspectives on this topic.

The programme for the 3IN Webinar is available here.

Click for more information on the last international 3IN webinar in May 2020.

Human-Rights-Week 2020

Header Human rights Week

Julien Cazala (USPN, France), Marja Katisko (DIAK, Finland) and Achim Förster (FHWS, Germany) are all lecturers from universities that are members of the 3IN Alliance. This alliance follows the joint mission to address societal challenges with innovative life-long learning opportunities. The 3IN member universities share a strong commitment to human dignity, social justice and diversity.
The European Union and its member states have long been committed to Human Rights, to protect them for EU citizens and to promote them worldwide. However, violations of those rights still occur or are even fostered due to questionable policies. Therefore, we want to focus on the European Union and its member states to analyse how they protect and promote Human Rights. We want to bring different perspectives from different regions together and have short inputs about the situations on site.

For more informations:

Informations about the Prensentations are aviable here.

DIAK online course offers for students

Header Diak

The 3IN Alliance partner DIAK (Diaconia University of Applied Sciences) offers students of the FHWS to participate in their online courses:

-          Exploitation in Global Frame (3ECTS)          Course duration: 19.04.2021 – 21.05.2021

-          Social Action and Participation (5ECTS)       Course duration: 01.03.2021 – 09.04.2021

Interested students will have to enrol before the end of the deadline on the 1st December 2020. Students of the FHWS will be able to transfer the acquired academic credits.

For further information, please visit the webpage of DIAK (

If you are interested in participating, please contact Stefanie Witter stefanie.witter[at]

Online German Course offer for students of Alliances higher education institutions

Acquiring language skills goes along with developing cultural competences. This is why the project team of  FHWS 3IN has organized an online German course for students of the 3IN Alliance higher education institutions. The course is due to start on the 15th October and will be taught twice a week via Zoom. The students from Romania, Spain und Norway will meet regularly in order to learn the German language and to get to know the German culture a bit more. The course will go on until February 2021 and students will receive an official UNIcert® A1-certificate in the end.