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World TWIN

FHWS World TWIN project pursues the objective of globalising the concept of the TWIN degree programmes, which is unique in Germany. It is currently being implemented at FHWS in the departments of International Management (Betriebswirtschaftslehre), Logistics (Logistik), Mechatronics (Mechatronik), Business and Engineering (Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen) and since October 2020, Robotics (Robotik).

Since 2014, FHWS has been the first German university of applied sciences to offer bachelor's degree programmes in German and English (TWINs) at the same time that enable and promote bilingual education during the course of the degree. It contributes to the regional management of the demographic change by integrating young international talents. Within the framework of this programme, a network is established together with our worldwide strategic partner universities, with the long-term goal of interlinking the study programmes in such a way that so-called World-TWINS can be created.

This long-term goal includes the establishment and creation of the TWINS that follow the concept of bilingual instruction in English and the national language with a matching curriculum, which thereby corresponds to the courses offered at FHWS.

Contact person

Tugce Akarsu
Tugce Akarsu

Tuğçe Akarsu, M.A.

  • Coordinator for International University Relations: World TWIN

University building 21, Room 21.1.17
Niederwerner Str. 96, Schweinfurt
E-Mail tugce.akarsu[at]fhws.de

Appointments upon arrangement