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Please see below for details of our most important cooperation partners in the field of internationalisation.

Berlin International College (BIC)

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Berlin International College (BIC) offers preparatory courses for bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering, IT, and related disciplines.

As an FHWS cooperation partner, BIC has expanded its services to also helping to prepare students for the BA in Business and Engineering, BA in Logistics and BA in Mechatronics taught in English offered at FHWS. The first cohort of BIC graduates will commence their English-language degree in engineering at FHWS in the winter semester 2016/17.

For more information on BIC’s offers, please see

German-Jordanian University (GJU)

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The German-Jordanian University (GJU) in Amman is a Jordanian state university whose practical, applied programmes are oriented to the model of German universities of applied sciences.

The GJU is a key partner for FHWS in the MA in International Social Work with Refugees and Migrants. In light of the country’s geographic and political situation as well as the many refugees in Jordan, the programme contents planned can be imparted with a targeted, applied orientation.

For more information on the GJU’s offers, please see (German only).

of International School Mainfranken (ISM)

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The International School Mainfranken (ISM) is a private, international school located in the Mainfranken region offering high-quality education with an international perspective.

The university is particularly grateful for networking with partners in the region within the scope of internationalisation at FHWS. With its international baccalaureate and bilingual education, the ISM optimally prepares students for studies at FHWS.

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