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Latest Information International Office: Covid-19 outbreak

Dear Sir or Madam,

to maintain a safe environment for every member of the FHWS, face-to-face consulting will not be available unless absolutely necessary. Nevertheless we will still be available to help and consult you whenever you have questions regarding the internationalization of the FHWS:

1. Consulting services will be offered via email or telephone. Here you can find more information how to contact the team.
2. Individual personal appointments will only be possible in urgent cases and upon prior notice. Please make an appointment by email or telephone.
3. Observe the general hygiene measures during your appointment.

Also keep an adequate social distance. Additionally we prepared FAQs for different target groups (Outgoing Exchange Students for the wintersemester 2020/21, Incoming Full-Time Students and Incoming Exchange Students). For all international students who are already enroled at the FHWS we also prepared further information about studying in times of Covid-19.

Best regards and stay safe,

Your International Office Team 

About FHWS

At the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS), we offer more than 40 degree programmes in the most varied of disciplines. You are able to complete an entire full-time programme, or to spend one to two semesters here as an incoming exchange student from another university.

Internsational lecturers and university staff have the opportunity to gain experience abroad at FHWS, too. For more information on this and much more, please see the section on incoming teaching mobility.

The FHWS International team is gladly on hand to assist and to answer any questions you may have. Please see the Team section for all contact details.