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Formalities and Finances

Würzburg and Schweinfurt are fantastic locations to study abroad – also for financial reasons. Life in Franconia is cheaper than in other parts of Germany. However, you will still need to plan for certain fixed costs for your studies at FHWS. The most important costs are detailed below.

Tuition fees

We only charge tuition fees for master's degrees in advanced training programmes. For more information see the Campus for Professional Development.

We do not charge any tuition fees for all other bachelor's or master's programmes. However, a nominal semester fee is payable. Home and international students currently pay

  • € 143,60 if they are based in Würzburg and
  • € 98,20 if they are based in Schweinfurt.

At each site, this fee includes your semester ticket, which entitles you to free use of the local public transport system in the city where your degree programme is based without incurring any additional costs during the whole semester.



Monthly costs

Additional costs arise for health insurance, accommodation, and living costs. FHWS students can expect the following average monthly costs:

Monthly costs
Total: approx. 750 Euro
Rent: ca. 350 Euro
Insurance: ca. 100 Euro
Food: ca. 150 Euro
Leisure: ca. 110 Euro
_________________________ _______________

Important information

Please make sure to read the information on health insurance for students in Germany, the notes on accomodation for students, and the information on visa which you might need for your stay in Germany. Your visa might involve costs too.

As an international student you can apply for a scholarship to get financial support. There is an overview as well as awarding criteria in the section scholarship.