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The Studentenwerk offers accommodation in halls of residence in both Würzburg and Schweinfurt. The average rent for a room is € 250–350 per month. Students are responsible for applying for a room themselves. For more information, please see

For some preliminary insights into life in student halls of residence, take a look at the illustrated dictionary published by the German National Association for Student Affairs (Deutsches Studentenwerk, DSW).

Be sure to organise your accommodation early on, as there are only a limited number of rooms available.

Some halls of residence have set application deadlines and you will need to apply online. Please note that the halls of residence will not be able to offer/guarantee you a room if you apply after the application deadline. Moreover, you will have around just five days to accept or decline the accommodation after you receive an offer. If you do not reply during this time, the next person on the waiting list will be offered the room. You will need to sign the rental agreement and return it to the hall of residence.

As soon as you receive a rental agreement from a hall of residence and accept the room by signing and returning the agreement, you become legally bound to this agreement. Please read the rental agreement carefully and take note of the notice period.

Living in halls of residence is one of the cheapest options available to students. Accommodation costs approx. € 250 per month. While electricity, heating, and other services are included, they will be monitored. If your consumption exceeds the pre-defined consumption levels, you will be asked to pay the difference.

All halls of residence are self-catering accommodation. Rooms are furnished; students will only need to bring their own crockery/cooking utensils and bedding (bed linen, duvet and pillow).

Upon arrival, students who have signed a rental agreement with the Studentenwerk are required to sign the original agreement at the Studentenwerk office in Würzburg (Am Studentenhaus, 97072 Würzburg) or the caretaker’s office in Schweinfurt (Florian-Geyer Straße 7, 97421 Schweinfurt).

Once you have opened a German bank account, please complete the SEPA direct debit authorisation form and return it to the Studentenwerk. This will allow your rent to automatically be debited from your account every month. Please note the submission deadline indicated on the SEPA direct debit authorisation form.

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Other accommodation options

Halls of residence offered by other organisations, Würzburg campus

Halls of residence offered by other organisations, Schweinfurt campus

  • Halls of residence of Postbaugenossenschaft Schweinfurt eG
    Pictures and online application, currently only in German:
    Only appartments are rented, no single rooms.

Private rented accommodation

Please keep in mind that in big cities, it often takes a long time to find suitable accommodation that is also affordable. Private accommodation is advertised on a variety of websites and in local newspapers. Accommodation offers are sometimes also posted on university noticeboards. Keep in mind that rented accommodation is normally unfurnished in Germany. Most people take all of their furniture (including the kitchen cupboards and light fittings!) with them when they move out. Sometimes you can arrange to buy kitchen appliances or even furniture off the previous tenants, or the landlord may provide these and charge you for their use.

When you are searching for accommodation, you are likely to come across the abbreviation “WG” a lot. This stands for Wohngemeinschaft, meaning “shared accommodation”. WGs are typically private apartments or houses that are shared by two or more people. Because they are often relatively cheap, they are a popular choice among students. In a WG, you will normally have your own bedroom but share the kitchen and bathroom with other residents. Sometimes there are other shared facilities, too, such as a living room, washing machine, telephone or TV. It is well worth enquiring which facilities are included in the rent before you move in.

If you sign a rental agreement for a private room or apartment, take heed of whether the electricity, heating and water costs are included. If you live in private accommodation in Germany, you will usually pay the rent to the landlord/lady and the electricity and heating bills directly to the utilities companies. The landlord/lady will be able to tell you where you need to register to pay your utility bills. Please be aware that the electricity and heating costs are high in Germany.

Other options (Würzburg and Schweinfurt, shared flats possible on request) (German only) (German only) (German only)
(German only, options for Würzburg) (German only, options for Schweinfurt)
Theodosius-Florentini-Dormitory in Gemünden
SWG Stadt-und Wohnbau GmbH (German only)
(German only)


List with all hotels, guesthouses and holiday apartments in Schweinfurt and surrounding available for download (German only)

Facebook  groups

For students seeking accommodation in Würzburg: Uni Würzburg WG Börse
For students seeking accommodation in Schweinfurt: Wohnungsmarkt Schweinfurt/Umgebung

Youth hostels

The youth hostels in Würzburg and Schweinfurt offer affordable accommodation for the first few days after your arrival.

Youth hostels in Würzburg
Youth hostel in Schweinfurt (German only)