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Report December - Architektur

Tue, 5 Dec 2017 | Bachelor's degree programme Architektur

December started really fast and stressful for me. In the first five days of December I had five due dates for five different projects. It was really hard at first because like every other student I didn’t do them until the last week. There were really stressful five days with the struggle with finishing five of them together but I managed to finish all of them and get pretty good grades for them too.

Although one project in particular interested me more: Christmas Stand. We had a little stand for Christmas like Glühwein stand or a stand where you sell Christmas tree decorations or cookies… This was really fun. On the 6th of December we had a little party - kinda thing with older students in our building. We had to be there from 14.00 to 22.00 and it was really hard and tiring but we managed it. Every stand was there, nearly every one of us was there. Glühweins, Lebkuchens, liquers were everywhere. We really had a lot of fun during it and afterwards too. After this Christmas stand we get to ARCHE -where all architecture students hang out and do projects- and there was a party which was super fun. Of course the hardest part was the morning after because first semesters had at 8:15 architecture history class, that’s why a lot of us had to leave early.

After the first week we had our new projects (as usual). This time I was more relieved because evey one of them were due late January which was amazing because I was planning to go to my hometown for the Christmas break.

There were two weeks to my trip home after the first due dates and those two weeks didn’t come fast enough for me. Because you miss your home, your family, your friends and want to come home as quickly as possible.

Until the break I was pretty excited to go back to my home, to my friends, to my family. I had lots of projects and that meant that I had to do a lot of studying. Which proved really hard because when you’re home you always meet with someone whether it’s a relative or a friend. This week proved to be one of the hardest weeks I have experienced in college because it had to be planned to every minute otherwise it could mean no study just fun which sounds amazing but pretty foolish because you know that you have to do A LOT of projects. But when I landed and saw my family I felt that I can do everything in here and I did. It was not easy to go out, then come home and study at the time, but still it proved to be very useful because it meant that I can relax more in the coming weeks.

This was a hard month but at the end of it, it was more awesome than I could have imagined. Of course it is amazing to be in another country by yourself doing everything on your own but it feels good to be home. Although I really understood one thing and it is that I have matured a lot during these three months.