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Report February - Architektur

Thu, 8 Feb 2018 | Bachelor's degree programme Architektur

February of 2018 started really fast for me. It was the time that classes had ended and the prep phase for exams had started. So we did one last party before we started to bury ourselves to our rooms and started learning. It was worth it, that I can say.

I had only two exams so I was just a little bit more comfortable. But of course this doesn’t mean that I partied every day, worked out everyday, it means that I only had two so the semester would be over for me faster than others. And it did. Both of my exams were done by february 7th. It was a really hard marathon though. If you do what I do ad don’t learn everything daily you have to learn one semester worth of information in a week. It might seem like a whole week, like a really long time but belive me, IT’S NOT!

I’ve done everything I could for both of my exams which meant 4 classes at the same time (one exam was the combination of two classes). I did everything I could in the exam too. After it was done, that relieved me more than you could imagine.

What do you do with your classmates after the exams are done? Of course we partied. We had a lot of fun, it was a lot of fun because no one had left home for two weeks and of course everyone was stressful so our explosion was huge. After we partied it was time for me to leave to get to my home, real home, to my country. I had four days after the exams so I had alittle bit of fun to eat everything in my fridge.

Of course the excitement won’t let you sleep for those days because after 5 months you’re going home for a considerable amount of time (4 whole weeks). And of course you know that you don’t have to study at all. That feeling is, even though  you can’t sleep, is worthless.

After four days of waiting final day had arrived for me. The day that I return home after dealing ith my first semester in university. It was an exciting, exhausting, hard, fun journey but I am done with it. I hope you all enjoy what I wrote for you. I hope that you do use my advices. I hope you have a fun time in here, in FH too. So take care. Don’t remember to study and have fun…