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Report January - Architektur

Sun, 28 Jan 2018 | Bachelor's degree programme Architektur

The month started pretty cool for me with new year stuff. I was already back home and I was feeling awesome, you know, catching up with friends ad seeing my family. The thing, I didn’t do the first week of January, when I was back, was not studying, not doing any sketches or models for my projects. I just really liked being home and everyday I was meeting with another friend. So school stuff just took a step back. But this step back came onto me with it’s full-power when I got back to Würzburg I was swimming in a pool of unfinished projects. NEVER EVER EVER DO A PROJECT IN ONE NIGHT. That is a really really important advice from a fellow architecture student. Believe me.

Everyone told that architecture students have a lot of sleepless nights. That can be true if you do what I did and don’t study on holidays. But, yes there is a but, if you do, which I recommend that you totally do, you won’t have a sleepless night. All you need to do is having a time management. Not just with projects, but with exams too. 15 minutes everyday for the stuff you learned that day, that is really not too much and it will save you a lot of time when the exams are chasing you. Same thing with the projects too. You do everyday a little bit and finish it after the last “korrektur” you will be the hero.

As I said when I came back the new week hit me with all of it’s strength. I fought back but at the end my notes were not as good as they could’ve been if I just did a little bit more.  But I got over it. I told myself, this is my fist semester, I am in a foreign country, I am doing everything in a foreign language this is totally normal. I am on my learning period. You have to remember this. But of course this does not mean that you’re going to let it all go, no. You still do best you can do. My goal was passing all my exams even in this learning semester and I am doing the best I can to achieve my goal.

I was lucky, I only had two exams this semester. I mean 2 exams but 4 different lectures. It’s a different kind of system. I gave my first exam and it was pretty hard actually. It was from architecture history and geometrie. Geoometrie was pretty good because they allow you to take the exam with the script in your hand so that helps a lot. But history was the tricky part for me. Every other student in my class has to learn everything in just German. But, for me at least, for it to make sense to me I had to translate every latin, greek or german word to Turkish first and then had to learn them all over again in German. I gave 4 days of my life to this and unfortunately my exam did not go well. My hope is at least passing it. But again, if I’ve studied every time after the lesson for 15 minutes I wouldn’t be in this mess. Still I am learning though. Again, don’t to whatI did, but do what I recommend to you. It will save your life and save a lot of time so you can do the stuff you like.

Now, I study. I study to have free time in future. So that I can workout, I can play hours of computer games without feeling guilty. Never forget that, everything you do now is an investment for your own future.