FHWS Campus on Sanderheinrichsleitenweg in Würzburg

Report October - Architektur

Sun, 1 Oct 2017 | Bachelor's degree programme Architektur

When the calendars hit the month of October I was already in my dormitory - actually I was moving in the first day of October. The moving in part was really exhausting, yes, but it was actually really fun because it’s like the start of your life as an indiviual. After I moved in a few days later my school started, which proved to be pretty tough even from the first day. Especially first couple of days of my school life was amazing because the 3rd semesters were celebrating our arrival to the university. Two days in a row have we partied. On the contrary of the school, first week of my dorm life was not so fun. Probably because eveyone was moving in and was tired of the school/moving in stuff. But as time gone by it got better. There was always a party somewhere, even though I didn’t go to a lot of them I knew there were.

Of course the school part of the first month was a lot harder than just social relations and partys. From the first day they gave us a project and in the following days every professor added something. At the end of the first one and a half week I had four projects due to next 3 weeks. German was hard and there was too many projects, so there was a lot to stress about, but the “glamour” of university life gets you at the first weeks so you don’t worry about anything. I was like that too. Until the first time we actually had to build a model and draw some sketches for a “korrektur” I wasn’t very much aware of the fact that I was in university, studying. After that first session with the professors I was more concentrated on my lectures than my social life. At that point everyone in my departement was getting to know other people and going out with all of the freshmans so the uni and social life kinda balanced each other. Though as an international student I wasn’t able to make it to every get-together. I missed more than half of it because I was at my room studying that days lectures, learning the words I didn’t know. This is actually a really good method to learn: When in class I underlined every single word I did not understand and when I get to my room I put those words down to my own little dictionary. It prooved really useful in the coming days, especially in architecture when some lectures ,like architectural history, depends on, actually whole lecture’s built on such basic words.

The first few weeks gone by so fast because I was always so busy - with a model or my dictionary or a blueprint. Even at the end of the first month of my studies I didn’t have made a lot of friends, but something definitely changed for me: My german got so much better since the first day of my life in Würzburg. Because when you’re studying in german it is important to make your brain think in german too. And you have to try to make it happen. At firt I was really sceptical about this too, but after I talked to my professors about the language barrier, they too recommended the same method. ALWAYS TALK IN GERMAN! A lot of my professors was really helpful in the fact that I had a huge language barrier. A lot of them told me that if I didn’t understand something from the lecture, I can always go to their room and ask about what I did not understand. This fact definitely does ease your studies a lot for you, so use this advantage, always run after your lecturers and ask them if you didn’t understand something.

As the last days of october came closer my homecountry’s national holiday came. A few days before this I have began to feel a little bit homesick. The day of this holiday I was like walking around and telling everyone I know the story of my counrty. This was the homesick part of my jourmey, but since this took only three days, there’s  two chances how this is going to go: Either I am totally got used to this new life or a much worse homesickness is on the way. Well, I gotta live to figure it out.