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Report December - International Management

Wed, 20 Dec 2017 | Bachelor's degree programme International Management

“It does not matter where you go and what you study, what matters most is what you share with yourself and the world,” said a writer Santosh Kalwar. I am totally agree with this statement. That is why I would like to explain you in the following document how interesting was my third month in Würzburg. It is already end of December. This month past very fast, I even didn’t notice.

In all economic books we used to read there are examples about how people making decisions. Usually they are about students investing time whether into studying or working. The same things happen in real life. Every student manages his/her time. Of course we want to be independent from our parents. Thanks to the scholarship I got, I’m fully concentrated on my subjects. In October and November students of International Management had course of Intercultural Training from different professors and some students from higher semesters. In those two months students also had tasks to create a projects on provided topics. For me it seemed very difficult because before I never did something like this before. But my teammates were so nice, our hardworking and motivation helped to achieve our goal. On 7th of December 10 groups presented their own project. Each was exciting and full of useful information. What I got from this project? First of all, experience how to work in teams, how to manage time, to be flexible. One of important points, it helped me to integrate with German students. On other courses, we had to make presentations but I wasn’t dreaded anymore. Generally, everything is going well.

Being an international student, I have to extend my permission to study in Germany every year. Maybe you know how stressful this procedure is. Collecting many documents such as rental contract, financial statement, health insurance, matriculation, etc. then waiting for an appointment takes a long time. But nothing you get easily. Finally, after some weeks I’ll get my new visa.

I can say that I live enough time in this typical German small city to know what to do here and where to go. I never feel bored in Würzburg. Anytime you can go to the old bridge or Christmas market to walk. Those places are always full of people and decoration is very beautiful, especially in Christmas time. I’m always interested in other traditions, cultures and holidays. This year was my second time celebrating Christmas. It’s so magic and happy moments but it is different every year, so I’m always excited. On Christmas Eve my friend from Japan visited me and we spend a good time together watching movies, cooking and giving each other presents. For New Year I’m going to visit my friends in Mannheim. I am so proud to have friends all around the world and be happy to see them.  

For this New Year I wish strong health, happiness, endless luck and great motivation to study and work in 2018 to all, who is reading this report! Thank you for your attention.