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Report February - Ramiyro Porras Vigil

| Erfahrungsberichte Ramiyro Porras Vigil

1. How did you prepare for your exams and how did they go?

Well, some went better than others. In some, for example, I knew how to answer the questions, but I just didn’t have any time left. My advice for preparing for the exams is to start studying early on. The more time, the better. And remember that ultimately, when you’re studying and preparing for the exams, just reading your notes a couple of times won’t be enough. Practice like you were sitting the exam with the same exam conditions. This will help you to stay calm the day of the exam because you know that you’ve done it before.

2. Did you improve your German/English since living in Germany?

My German did improve. Living here forces you to practice every day outside of university if you want to or not. However, after coming back from my Christmas vacation I did notice that my German worsened a bit and since then I didn’t practice that much. I was also very focused on my exams and it was simply not on my mind, but now that I’ve finished my exams and have more free time, I can focus on it.

3. Did you participate in any trip organised by the FHWS?

No, I didn’t have that experience yet.

4. Do you miss your home country? How many times did you go back home or are you planning to go back home? Did your family come to visit you? What helps you when you miss your home country and/or your family?

Of course, I do! Very much so. They are always on my mind and I hope to return soon to visit my family and enjoy being back home in Mexico. I really miss the food, for example. Both the Mexican cuisine and the home-made food my mum and grandma make. Sometimes I try to prepare some Mexican food and dishes that my mum used to cook at home, but obviously the ingredients are different and it’s just not the same.

5. Would you like to stay in Germany or go back to your home country after graduation? Why?

I haven’t really decided yet. Both options would be great, but I still have time to choose and plan out what will follow. For now, I’ll just focus on studying and graduating. All in due time.

6. What has been the biggest challenge in Germany and how did you overcome it?

Probably having to adapt to this new way of life. Staying in a country where they speak a language that I don’t yet speak as well as I would like to, does limit me in a couple of ways. I can’t tell you yet how I overcame that challenge, but I’m working on it and I’m confident I’ll be successful in overcoming it.

7. What has been your best impression of living in Germany so far?

The exciting and great thing about Germany is that it’s very well connected and travelling is easy, no matter if by car, train or even plane. Everything is fairly affordable (depending on when and how you travel). I really enjoy playing squash and a couple of weeks ago I wanted to go and play and I asked a friend: “Hey, do you want to go and play squash on Friday?”. And in the end, we ended up going to Switzerland for the weekend instead of playing squash. It was really spontaneous, but those are the best plans.

8. What would you recommend to a future Spanish-speaking student at the FHWS after staying here for five months?

Set yourself some goals. Decide on what you want to do and focus on accomplishing that. Don’t underestimate the classes nor the time you have. Study and prepare early on. Enjoy the moment, enjoy the place you’re at and enjoy what you have. Be patient and grateful. You’ll have time but remember that slowly and steadily the exams will be approaching.