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Report Oktober - Aman Swain

| Experience reports Aman Swain

Hello! My name is Aman Swain and I come from Pune, India. I’m currently studying Logistics at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt in Schweinfurt.

Why did you decide to study at FHWS?

Several factors led me to choose the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt. Firstly, FHWS offers Bachelor’s programs taught in English that are broad, practical and future-oriented. The quality of higher education in Germany is among the best in the world. Secondly, FHWS is known for its international orientation, so I knew studying with peers from various countries will give me some global exposure and a chance to get to know different cultures, which can be beneficial while working on international projects.

Why did you choose this specific study program?

Primarily, it is a great opportunity to be given the option to study in English while living in Germany. The range of undergraduate study programs was quite broad – Mechatronics, Business and Engineering, and Logistics (starting from next winter semester, there is an option to choose Robotics as well). I chose Logistics mainly because of my interest in the subject. Also, job prospects in the field of logistics and supply chain management are immense. Almost every company requires a logistics department to run its organization. 3. When did you start preparing for the application to FHWS? It took me around 6-7 months to prepare for the application. During this period, I learned the basics of the German language (A1 and A2 level) and took the exams at the Goethe-Institut in Bangalore. At the same time, I took the IELTS exam and got a certificate to prove my proficiency in English.

What was your experience regarding the application process at FHWS?

Overall, the application process was hassle-free. The complete procedure was online (documents were needed to be scanned and then uploaded to the university’s application portal). Along with the study certificates and the proof of language proficiency, a pre-study internship might also be required depending on the degree program. The application deadline for the winter semester is 15 July. I uploaded everything by 15 May and received a positive response on 31 May. If you are stuck in any step, contact the University, they will help you.

How was your visa application process?

I booked my appointment for 18 July at the German Embassy in Bangalore. In India, getting an appointment is extremely difficult. In some states, the waiting time to get an appointment might exceed 2-3 months. Now speaking of documents, I collected and sorted them into originals and two sets of copies as required by the embassy. Back then, we were asked to open a blocked account with a minimum balance of €8640. As of 2020, students need to have €10,236 instead of €8640. In total, it took 5 weeks to get my visa confirmation.

How did you get from your home country to the FHWS Campus?

After receiving my visa, I planned my trip to Germany. The orientation program started on 16 September, so I decided to arrive well in advance on 12 September. The journey was long and tiring. It took me sixteen hours to get to Schweinfurt. The flight from Mumbai to Frankfurt (with a transition at Doha) took 12 hours, and the ticket cost me around 28,000 rupees. I booked a FlixBus ride from Frankfurt Airport, which cost me 25 euros including luggage. FlixBus is relatively cheap compared to trains.

How did you find your accommodation?

The only problem in Schweinfurt is accommodation. I had been looking for accommodation for weeks on, and Facebook housing groups. There were only few offers, but a very high demand. Moreover, almost all landlords want to meet you in person. There is also an option to stay at the student dorm (rent is 330 euros), but it is filling up very fast. Currently, I’m staying in a furnished, double shared room, which is very close to Campus 1 (5 minute walk).

What did you find particularly interesting and useful during the Orientation Program?

A two-week orientation program had been organized by the International Office before the study program started. During this program, they offered support concerning enrolment, opening a German bank account, health insurance, study guidance, and city registration. Presentations about studying at FHWS and important matters about life in Germany were also included. Everything was interesting, informative, and very useful. And, arriving 3 weeks before the studies gave me enough time to explore the city and travel a bit around Germany.