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Report October - Türkbey Tanman

| Experience reports Türkbey Tanman

1. Why did you decide to study at FHWS?

FHWS is a college that has been developing itself in terms of technology and infrastructure recently. Apart from this, the presence of many well-established companies in the city, which offers us a lot of internship and job opportunities.

2. What are your reasons for choosing your studies?

I started Mechatronics at FHWS this semester and the biggest reason I chose this study is that the future will be in this section. Within the less and less need for human in this evolving technology, I thought that this is the most suitable place for myself in this age.

3. When did you start to prepare for your application to FHWS?

After hearing the name of this University from a friend in April 2019. I started to gather information about the university, the department and the city. I made my application after collecting enough arguments for myself.

4. How was your registration period for FHWS (documents, deadlines, online registration, personal registration, difficulties, etc.)?

I registered online for FHWS and sent the requested documents online. In my registration process, Mr. Senol (FHWS, responsible for the foreign students from Turkey) helped me a lot with my missing documents, and I was easily able to contact him about all my problems. In this way, my application process was completed very easily.

5. How was the visa application process (documents, timeframe, difficulties, blocked account, did you get your visa on time?)?

It has been 16 months since I arrived in Germany and my visa process was very painful during my arrival. The language school I wanted to go to here did not return to my mail, replied too late, did not send my admission in time, etc. I had to wait about 9 months due to such situations. Apart from that, I easily handled documents such as blocked account, guarantor or health insurance.

6. How was your arrival to the FHWS campus (travel, expense, travel time, difficulties)?

As I mentioned before, when I first came to Germany, I came to Bochum and my arrival was comfortable because my country was not far away. I arrived at Schweinfurt campus by bus and it took about 7 hours. Since I came with FlixBus, ticket prices were suitable for a student.

7. How did you find your accommodation?

When I first came to Schweinfurt, I came for a 2-week language training. Luckily, I had friends in Schweinfurt and stayed with them. Afterwards, I found a non-expensive student house at “” for myself (because the number of houses in Schweinfurt is low, the rents are expensive, so it is more convenient to stay in dormitories, but it is very hard to find an available place in a dormitory.)

8. What was particularly interesting and useful in the Orientation programme?

For personal reasons, I could not participate in the Orientation programme, but later I received the necessary information from my friends about what they did. What I was most intrigued with was the fact that an accelerated education was given to everyone to reach an equal level before the period started. I found this situation very useful for me.