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Ways to apply

Job ads/online application

Most companies expect you to apply by e-mail. However, read the job advertisement carefully and follow the instructions about the way the company expects you to apply.

Applying for an advertised position

You found a position advertised online, in a newspaper or by personal contact at a job fair. Now you want to apply for it.

Sending applications by e-mail is the norm today. The correct e-mail address of your contact person is given in the job advertisement or on the company’s website. If, in the case of speculative applications, you can’t find an e-mail address, call the company and ask for the correct name and address of a suitable contact person. Note that e-mails to generic info-addresses are often overlooked or forwarded to wrong recipients.

Your own e-mail address should be a serious one so it does not end up in the spam folder. Best would be your name.

The subject line should state the reason for your e-mail, for example “application for the position as...”. This way, the company can immediately see that your e-mail contains an application. If the company uses application numbers, state it in the subject line and in your application letter.


  • Name the contact person.
  • Mention the position/application number.
  • Give contact information (phone number).
  • Save your files with appropriate file names (CV, application letter, certificates).
  • Attach all documents as one PDF-file. PDF-file should not exceed 5MB.

Many companies have digitalised their application procedures and offer an application portal online. Register and follow the instructions. In some portals, you may have to enter your CV manually. Others require you to upload all documents as PDFs.

Please take care of the following:

  • Save your files with appropriate file names (CV, application letter, certificates).
  • Compress files if they are too large (maximum is 5 MB).
  • Combine your application documents to one PDF-file.

Unsolicited applications

You can also send an unsolicited or speculative application if you can’t find current job advertisements. This requires good research about this company in advance in order to adapt your application to the company and find the right contact person.

After your application

  • Having applied, regularly check your e-mail account.
  • After about one week without any information, you could ask the company whether your application has been received by the contact person.