Students working in a lab

Studying Successfully

On this page, you will find events offered to support students in completing their studies at FHWS successfully.

If students have difficulties in a certain module and failed the exam, there is the possibility to take part in a tutorial in order to deal intensively with the topic.

Examples for tutorials offered regularly:

  • Mathematics,
  • Technical mathematics,
  • Strength/Mechanics of materials,
  • Dynamics,
  • Computing
  • and many more.

Feel free to register, if you are interested in one of the tutorials. You can also suggest a module/subject for a new tutorial. As soon as there are three possible participants, the tutorial is offered. Please note, that your registration is binding. The tutorials take place during the semester.

Please register via FHWS E-Learning.

For most international students, studying in Germany is a completely new experience, not only because of the new environment. The way German universities teach and the kind of performance expected from students are new to most international students.

Due to that fact, we offer events at the beginning of each semester where we try to explain the specifics of German teaching and learning culture. Participating students are taught how to prepare for exams in Germany and pass them successfully.

Please register via FHWS E-Learning.