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Language Courses

The Campus for Language Proficiency offers language courses especially in the field “German as a Foreign Language” during the study period, or as a preparation for studying at FHWS. In addition to German courses, the Campus for Language Proficiency also offers courses for other languages, including English and Arabic. General language courses for levels A1 to C1 orient themselves on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. In addition, terminology-oriented courses, such as German for Engineers, Business German, and English for Academic Writing, can be visited in order to deepen knowledge in the various fields.
For information about current courses, please visit t
he page of the Campus of Language Proficiency.

Course Offer

Winter semester
Face-to-Face Courses: German A1, A2, B1, B2
Online Courses: German A1, A2, B1, B2; English B2, C1 & more (upon need and availability)

Summer semester
Face-to-Face Courses: German A1, A2, B1, B2
Online Courses: German A1, A2, B1, B2; English B2, C1 & more (upon need and availability)

Online courses during term break (intensive courses)
February / March: German A1, A2, B2
August / September: German A1, A2, B2; English B2

Course duration

All courses contain approx. 90 to 120 teaching units, 45 minutes each, including guided self-study.

Summer Semester Courses: end of March - beginning of July
Registration period: March 1 - March 20

Winter Semester Courses: mid of October - mid of January
Registration period: Sept. 15 - Oct. 5

Intensive Courses

Winter: in February/March
Registration period: Sept. 15 - Jan. 15

Summer: in August/September
Registration period: March 1 - July 15

Location & Platforms

Online Courses: Zoom & Moodle & more

Face-to-Face Courses: on campus (Schweinfurt or Würzburg) & Moodle & more


The exam contains four exam sections: Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, Written Expression, Oral Expression

Online Courses → online exam
Face-to-Face Courses → pen & paper exam


FHWS Language Certificate upon

  • passing of the exam

UNIcert® Certificate (https://www.unicert-online.org/) for

  • German A1+A2, German B1, German B2 if all of the following requirements are met
  • matriculation at the FHWS
  • at least 75% attendance in class
  • passing of the exam

Both FHWS Language Certificates and Unicert® Certificates are accepted at the FHWS.


FHWS Students & Applicants with letter of admission: €150
External Participants: €300

After registration, please allow some time  to receive the invoice. Please transfer the fee within the specified deadline after receiving the invoice.


By the way: If you are learning German, would like to practice it and talk outside of the German classes and want to get known to cool new people from other countries? Well, then we happily invite you to visit the language café of FHWS' Integra/Welcome Project!