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Report December - E-Commerce

Sat, 23 Dec 2017 | Bachelor's degree programme E-Commerce

In December, I was in a hurry all the time. My studies, my part-time job, and the Corps became more and more important in my everyday life, and demanded a lot more time this month.

The most interesting event we had with FHWS was the visit of the laboratories of the „Oberflächegestaltung und Usability“ course. We analyzed and optimized selected websites with the help of other students and special software. The laboratories are fully digitized, which makes the work even more interesting

Besides my studies, I have a part-time job. It does not bother me at all, and I was happy every time I passed the Christmas market when I went there.

The Corps house was always packed with people. Lots of people came to the events, especially on the weekend from 8.12 to 10.12. That weekend, we had the annual Christmas prom, which is probably the biggest, most important and most colorful event of the winter semester. For this event, they asked me to give the women’s speech, which made me very happy and proud. It took me a week to prepare the speech, and it was very difficult.

9.12. was a special day for me. It’s my brother’s birthday, and he came from Magdeburg to Würzburg for the weekend so we could celebrate together. We also had the very first snow on that day!

Even though the weekend was full of tasks and obligations, I had a very fun time. After that, it was already time for my trip to Ukraine on 24.12. I had been looking forward to it for the whole month and I brought only nice memories from my home country to Germany. I got back to Germany on 7.1., and I was looking forward to the upcoming time.