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Report February - E-Commerce

Tue, 13 Feb 2018 | Bachelor's degree programme E-Commerce

I can’t really remember the first half of February, as I was writing exams all the time. The exam period ended on 14.2., and it taught me a lot about writing exams in a foreign language.

I couldn’t wait for my trip to Magdeburg to visit my brother. The day I had my last exam, I finally went. It was very special, sitting on a train on the way to my brother, whom I hadn’t seen in a while. I felt relaxed and calm after the last exam was finally over. It’s these moments where you realize that it was worth the effort. I spent six very nice days in Magdeburg and came back to Würzburg relaxed and happy on 20.2. The next week I spent working and studying.

Why did I have to study even after my exam period was over? The answer is, I had another exam, but this time at the Corps. I have to demonstrate my knowledge about the history of Würzburg, fencing, the Corps in general and especially the Corps Moenania in order to prove that I am not a newbie anymore. This exam will take place in the middle of March.

The last thing I did in February was a short trip to Budapest with two other members of the Corps as the last part (of the Fuchsenzeit) before the exam. It was my first visit in this city. I really liked Budapest and it reminded me of the cities in Ukraine, so I felt at home. These three days went by quickly and they were a lot of fun. I can say that we saw a lot during this short time.

That was my first semester at FHWS as a foreign student. It wasn’t always easy but it was the best semester I ever had as a student. It convinced me that going to Würzburg and studying at FHWS was a good decision.