FHWS Campus on Sanderheinrichsleitenweg in Würzburg

Report November - International Management

Wed, 15 Nov 2017 | Bachelor's degree programme International Management

In this following document, I would like to explain you how was my second month in this nice city. It is already end of November. This month was full of interesting events, excited meetings, some stressful situations etc.

German education has value all over the world. There are of course some reasons for that statement. It has high quality. I feel it being as an international student because I can see the difference of my previous and current studying.

October was as an introduction month. Welcome events, excursions, meeting with professors, tutorials how to register for courses, how to choose elective courses etc. As I mentioned in my last report I take 5 courses. Being a student, however, the largest part of my time here goes into studies. Almost whole week after mandatory classes I spend time in libraries. There are two libraries where I prefer to go. They are located very wisely; one of them in the main building where I study and another one is near my dormitory. I think it’s a good idea going to libraries because there you can get any book that you want. Even if currently there isn’t you can order it from Schweinfurt, Aschaffenburg or from another library and in one week you will get it. Honestly, I was surprised. I really want to have high grades on exams and to get more knowledge day by day.

We have a course of Intercultural training. There we create a project in teams. Almost every week we had a master class from professor and two students from the third semester how to work in teams, steps of running project, how to make a research etc. The topic of our team is Support and Assistance for students. Very interesting theme I think. This project helped me to integrate with German students. Very soon we are going to present it, but now the project is still in process.

FHWS has double degree program, in which is interested every student at university. Some days ago one professor from Australia visited us and made a presentation about International College of Management in Sydney. Soon we are going to have more presentations about other universities abroad for double degree or exchange program.

Besides studying very interesting things happened in Würzburg. Christmas is coming. All streets and shops are decorated. Looks like in fairy tale. Christmas music everywhere and traditional German food on Christmas market. Nice people and delicious food make you go there as often as possible. It’s one way to get familiar with German culture. FHWS and Würzburg University working together. Often they organize some parties together in order to make students life more interesting.

I am always happy to study at FHWS and to share my experience with you.