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Report January - Aman Swain

| Experience reports Aman Swain

How did you celebrate the New Year?

I celebrated the new year by visiting Nuremberg with my friends. We bought the Bayern Ticket which allowed us to spend some time in the historical city of Nuremberg. Nuremberg was an amazing experience as I explored the city quite a bit. We visited the “Germanisches Museum” which houses one of the oldest clocks in the world. I also took a stroll in the evening, taking a look at the preparation for the new decade. We finally witnessed the fireworks over the Imperial Palace at midnight, something we had been waiting for hours. It was spectacular. Everyone was so joyous and happy to ring in the new year with their near and dear ones. I feel blessed that I was a part of it.

Do you have a part-time student job?

Yes, I have found a part-time job at a fast-food chain. So far, it has been a wonderful experience as I share my love for culinary and can do so at the restaurant. I had been searching for a similar job for almost a month, which bore fruit. I love working there as it gives me the joy to make food for others. My schedule depends on the time I have after finishing up my studies. On average, I work for 10 to 11 hours a week and earn between 400 and 430 Euros monthly. Some difficulties are freeing up time for my work as I am also interested in traveling and exploring the state of Bavaria.

Is it possible to combine work and your studies?

I feel work and studies can be carried out together. So far, I have had no difficulties in juggling the same. I complete all my studies and make appropriate notes before reporting to my part-time job.

Do you have any new hobbies and interests since you have been living in Germany?

Since arriving in Germany, I have come to realize that only studies are good but having a hobby or interest in my free time is something which will be beneficial. So, I have picked up football as a sport to play with my friends. I have also made some new friends who I enjoy playing with on the weekends.

Do you attend all lectures or only some of them?

Yes, I make it my priority to attend all lectures. I may have missed some lectures due to poor health but have always caught up with the latest developments in class. I was made to give a presentation for ‘Communication Skills for Logistics’ class on the topic ‘Inventory Concepts and Management’. It was very fulfilling to carry out the project and got to learn about managing inventories. Teaching at FHWS is somewhat similar to my earlier institution, but it is more applied and I am learning to look at the larger objective.

What are your monthly expenses?

My monthly expenses have been fairly average before I started working part-time. It used to be between 600 and 650 Euros. But now I can cut back on expenses since I have started earning. I am therefore able to save up some money for my Master’s studies.

What has been most difficult thing for you in Germany so far?

Coming from a tropical country like India, the weather is certainly the most difficult thing I had to adjust to. The average temperature where I used to live in India was between 28°C to 30°C and is always humid. Plus finding accommodation is also not easy either. It might even take months to find a good place to stay. 8. What is your favourite course in your study programme? Personally, I have always liked the subjects that have practical uses and mathematical calculations. Operations Management was of a similar kind and Professor Karsten Macholz made the lectures always interesting and interactive.