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Report February - Aman Swain

| Experience reports Aman Swain

How did you prepare for the exams and how successful were you?

Already from the first day of the winter semester I put a lot of effort into my studies. I attended all the lectures and made it a habit to catch up on missed classes, which happened a few times. I took notes which helped me not only to study for the exams but also to understand how subjects are connected to each other. I was happy with my preparations and it turned for the better when I received my results. I passed all the subjects successfully.

How well did you improve your German/English knowledge since you have been living in Germany?

I speak English quite fluently as it is my second language. I improved my German skills by working and asking locals for help. Campus Sprache also helped improve my language skills. I successfully completed the B1 course. It has not been easy but I am making progress.

Did you take part in any excursions offered by FHWS?

Excursions in FHWS require registrations and I was very lucky to attend one to SKF. I got to learn about logistics and production and how they are carried out in German industries. I believe that it is better to have a mixture of practical exposure along with the studies, and I hope that such excursions will be held regularly in the following semesters. This market exposure intrigued my desire for the German approach in logistics and supply chain management.

Are you homesick? How often did you travel or plan to travel to your home country?

I feel a little homesick at times, but I believe it's a part of being an international student and cannot be overcome. I haven't traveled back yet, but plan to do so after finishing the summer semester. My relatives came to visit me from the Netherlands. I was very glad because it was a surprise for me. I went to an Indian restaurant in Schweinfurt with them and it almost felt like home. 

Would you like to return to your home country or stay in Germany after graduation?

I have not thought about that part but I fancy the idea of working in Germany after graduation to gain some experience with the work culture and economy.

What was your biggest challenge since you have been living in Germany and how did you manage it?

My biggest challenge was making German friends as my language skills weren't the best when I arrived. But I believe I have overcome the issue by being more involved in a German environment (work and public) and steadily made new friends.

What was the best experience since you have been living in Germany?

I visited Berlin, during a trip organized by FHWS. It was an amazing time visiting the capital of Germany. I used a lot of transportation, like in UAE, but Berlin’s transportation was very easy, clean and very well organized. Berlin is a city that doesn’t really sleep and people are very alive. I visited many tourist attractions like Berliner Dom, TV Tower, Sony Center, Holocaust Memorial, Bundestag, Brandenburg Gate, Tempelhof. It was a well-organized visit and kudos to the FHWS International Team.

What would you recommend to future FHWS students from your country after your 5-month experience here?

During the fast-paced 5 months I have spent in Schweinfurt, I have learned a lot, but sometimes the hard way. The main points to take away would be to manage time and expenses, make proper appointments before going anywhere, concentrate on studies but learn to make plans and have fun sometimes and be involved with the local Germans as much as possible.