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Report October - Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen

Sat, 14 Oct 2017 | Bachelor's degree programme Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen

Going to Germany wasn’t an easy decision, especially if you come from a completely different country. It is not easy to come to a new country, where everything is completely new for you. Especially when you go to Germany to study and will stay there for at least five years. Still, you can find universities like FHWS, which make living in Germany and adopting to the culture easier.

When I arrived at FHWS, I immediately realized that they have accumulated a lot of experience with foreign students over many years, and that they share this experience with new international students. It’s not easy when you realize that this totally different country also has a different educational system, transport system, municipal office and foreign authority. You even get to know some things you didn’t know at all before, because you are not a foreigner in your home country.

FHWS prepares an orientation programme that lasts one whole week. They share tips and tricks with the foreign students, which are very useful and necessary. They do not only explain how the German system actually works, but they also help you with taking care of all tasks. Students from higher semesters also support the orientation week, to make the new international students feel welcome. FHWS does not only organize the orientation week, they also offer many activities during the whole semester, to help you get to know new people and cultures. Furthermore, they organize the “Buddy programme”. A Buddy helps you with making new friends, and is a great support at the beginning of the studies.

I have been here since February, and I have been studying at a German school before, so I already knew what to do when coming to a new city in Germany. Still, FHWS surprised me a lot with the way they take care of the foreign students, organize the orientation week and explain all the details. That’s why you feel comfortable at FHWS, and you are never afraid to ask for help if it’s important and necessary.

What I found very interesting, is the multiple cultures you get to know at FHWS. There are people from all over the world. It’s not just an advantage for FHWS, but for the whole city, which continues to grow every year when the new students come.