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Report November - Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen

Sat, 11 Nov 2017 | Bachelor's degree programme Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen

If you are looking for a potential university in Germany or even in the world, the location is one of the most important factors. You are looking for a city, where you can study, but also feel comfortable, have a hobby, and have a nice but cheap place to live, etc. This of course depends on each person and their interests.

Compared to cities like Frankfurt, Berlin, or Munich, Schweinfurt is a very small city. Still, you can find everything you need. There are many shops in the city center, if you like shopping. There even is a mall, where you can find everything: fashion, technology, lots of restaurants, sports, and much more.

Schweinfurt also has a wide range of supermarkets, where you can buy your favorite foods from different brands. There even is a Denn’s, which is perfect if you like organic food, live healthy, and stay in shape. There are also many gyms (such as Mc Fit), sport clubs (soccer, basketball, volleyball), and even yoga studios. Moreover, FHWS has a great sport portfolio: Soccer, basketball, volleyball, and even kickboxing. FHWS students organize these sports on a weekly basis. You can meet new people, do your favorite sports, or learn something new. You will definitely have a nice time there.

Schweinfurt also has many different types of restaurants: You can find Mexican, South American, or Asian restaurants throughout the city. Of course, there are lots of “Döner” restaurants, Mc Donald’s, and Burger Kings, where you eat food for less money.

If you like to party, there are many bars and a few clubs, where you can have a good time. Students sometimes organize parties, where you can meet lots of students from the university.

If you like the university in Schweinfurt and the location is important to you: Summarizing, you can say that Schweinfurt is a small city, where you can find everything you need and you can reach every location within 10 minutes by bike or on foot.