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Teaching Mobility Incoming

If you are a professor or a lecturer at an international university and want to actively support teaching and research at FHWS, the International Office can help you to organise a visiting professorship or a short-term or long-term visiting lectureship.

For this purpose FHWS is offering two different funding possibilities: Either within the scope of the Visiting Professorship Programme provided by the Bavarian Ministry of Sciences and Arts (StMWK) or within the scope of the Erasmus+ staff mobility funding for teaching assignments (KA 107-STA).

The aim of a lecturer mobility is to reinforce the international dimension of FHWS, enrich the teaching offers, and facilitate the exchange of specialist knowledge on an international level. To be eligible for funding, a lectureship or visiting professorship must comply with specific requirements for both funding programmes (These requirements are different depending on which programme is chosen).

Erasmus+: To be eligible for funding, a lectureship must comprise at least eight teaching hours within a minimum of five consecutive days (without travelling days) and has to be entirely integrated into regular teaching at FHWS.
The mobility funding provided by the EU within the scope of the Erasmus+STA programme is meant to be a contribution to cover the costs arising from teaching at FHWS. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all travel costs will be covered. Please note that parallel funding from other EU programmes as well as subsidization of conference or congress travels are not possible.

Visiting Professorship Programme provided by the Bavarian Ministry of Sciences and Arts (StMWK): Conditions for a visiting professorship at FHWS are regulated by an engagement contract of FHWS. Please submit an individual enquiry regarding detailed information. We have summarized the most important details about the programme in the section on Visiting Professorship Programme funded by the StMWK.

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Are you interested in teaching at the FHWS just like our current guest lecturers?
You as a professor of FHWS want to suggest one of your colleagues from abroad to be a visiting professor or lecturer?

We are happy to help you!l

Barbara Müller-Scheuring

Barbara Müller-Scheuring, certified Translator and Interpretor

  • Assistance international guest lecturers
  • Administrative support head of department 

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